Goodbyes are not my strong suit, so I expected that final drive past Mirror Lake to induce a few tears. The combination of leaving the incredible year I’ve had behind me and allowing all of my new friends to vacate to opposite corners of the map in favour of returning to Glasgow is not something one willingly accepts. In reality, I think all of those emotions must have been put on pause, perhaps due to a combination of packing, having definitively too much luggage and perhaps a little too much goodbye partying. The result then, is that my only conscious memory of leaving UConn seems to be ‘that’s weird, I’m not crying..’ followed in quick succession by ‘I am never drinking again’…

The next few days were spent dog walking in forests in Fairfield and feeding baby bunnies in Madison (long story, they absolutely are as cute as you think) before hauling my entire life this side of the Atlantic onto a New York City bound train.

Which leaves me here, sitting in a New York apartment with my Mum looking at a bunch of photos from my last few weeks and telling some really incredible stories.

I spent ages trying to figure out what I could possibly write in this post to do my time in the US any sort of justice. It got much easier when I came to the conclusion that there’s really nothing I can say to convey the time I had and that probably the best thing I could do is show you those photos I showed my Mum when I first saw her again in New York.

So here goes, photos:

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