“Let’s get Distorted”

After what seems like an endless winter, the first signs of summer reach Copenhagen and the Danes like to celebrate in style. Distortion is a 4 day festival in various places around the city and it’s absolutely amazing! I’d never heard of it until this year, so I’m giving you the heads up so you can be prepared for the best city festival ever!


Cannot remember what we saw that made us this excited…


Wednesday / Thursday

These two days are free street parties. This year it was hosted in Norrebro and Vesterbro (it might be the same location every year, not too sure). They shut down about 2km of street all day and into the night with multiple DJs playing on various stages. Both of these days were so much fun as we had a pre party before hand at one of the dorms with a fair amount of the exchange students, and walked there together.

Although the street parties finish around 10pm, the night does not end there as certain clubs offer free entry if you purchase the Distortion weekend wristband.


Friday/ Saturday

Here is where Distortion turns into an all out festival. Located in a massive warehouse lot way behind Papiroen (I rode there and back in the dark, without Google maps so I really can’t be sure), there are about 6 stages playing all genres of music until about 4am. These two days you have to buy the Distortion wristband or individual day tickets for entry, but it’s absolutely incredible!


The only picture I got on Friday/Saturday but trust me, the visuals are so cool!


The distortion festival organisers were very smart to end the festival Saturday night because you 100% need all of Sunday to recuperate after this 4 day Danish drinking marathon. Next year is their 20 year anniversary so it’s sure to be even more mental than this year!


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