Gentemester 2- c o m p l e t e

Hey guys!

I should have posted this a while ago, but I am not capable of getting my shit together. But my time in Gent is over… I still cannot comprehend that thought in my mind. So much has happened, and I have come out a different person from this experience. I know, very cliche, but I need to explain:

I am a girl from Bahrain, and I had little to no basic knowledge about anything. That is personal to me, not everyone in Bahrain is the same. But I noticed that I grew up in a culture where striving for more is not common, and you don’t need to think as much about anything. I wasn’t completely aware of that until I arrived to Gent. A particular friend of mine managed to ask me enough questions (thank you Arthur :)) to get my brain to realise how much I needed to figure out and discover, and then BAM. An explosion of never ending energy emerged out of nowhere and I am constantly pushing myself to want to learn more and do more and have an attitude of letting things flow as they should. And that was that.

C H A N G E. It’s effing incredible. It tends to happen to you at moments you never expect, and all you have to do is embrace it like the world is ending, and it transforms you into a person you never thought you can become. But you had that person in you all along. Trust me.

Because of this experience, I got to try things for the first time, in every aspect. I failed a course, I got my dress ripped and my swimming underwear (thankfully) exposed, I got told off for having a big mouth (horrible habit of mine), I got to meet people who accept my weird, I sang my heart out, I tasted insects, I travelled to completely new places, I lived.

So, before I blabber on about this until the end of time, i’m gonna share a video of my second semester, a second of every day.

BUT! I would like to say the following:

  • Thank you for giving me the hand lotion and being the kindest human on earth.
  • Thank you for helping me figure out how to open the fridge and how to cook and for being a ladybug.
  • Thank you for being an annoying little insect that can be so funnily mean.
  • Thank you for changing my mind about everything and challenging me.
  • Thank you for being so caring.
  • Thank you for making me fall in love with you by being the funny bunny that jumps in the fields.
  • Thank you for being my beautiful yellow strawberry girl.
  • Thank you for being the shy yet gorgeous passionfruit that you are.
  • Thank you for being our mom, you know we won’t forget you.
  • Thank you for being my gem and musical soul sister.
  • Thank you for being the sexiest boy in Uppsala 6.
  • Thank you for being my girl, and I wish I could do better by you because that’s what you deserve.
  • Thank you for being genuinely the funniest McAlpine I know.
  • Thank you for not watching Harry Potter, so then I had the honor to make you watch all of it.
  • Thank you for always asking after all of us, and constantly offering us food and stuff.
  • Thank you for being so lovely, I just wish you came to the kitchen more!
  • Thank you for telling me about the Harry Potter exhibition and going with me.
  • Thank you for being exactly who you are and doing your thing, you’re aRaw talent.

I hope you know who you are, and I know I have told you this so many times, but I had to say it one last time, somewhere concrete that will be on the internet forever, because you have all changed me in a way that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for this year. So thank you, and thank you to everyone else I didn’t mention individually, I didn’t forget you.

OKAY! I’m sorry, enough drama, and enough BLABBER! I hope you enjoy the video, and goodluck with your year abroad, you are gonna have the time of your life.

If you need anything at all you know what to do! Contact me and stuff.

Until next time!

Amina Husain | Email: | Facebook: Amina Husain | Instagram: ameena.abd | Twitter: @AWildAmeena


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