Summer in the city

Hallo meine Lieben,

It’s 9am and almost 30 degrees already, and I’m sweating inside starting my study day -there’s nothing better to do now than reminiscing fun stuff that has happened over the past few weeks, am I right? Thought so.


In my last post I told I was about to go on a mini-holiday to France. I flew to Toulouse (thank you Ryanair and £25 round trips) to see a few Glasgow friends on exchange and old friends I hadn’t seen in almost two years. Such a happy reunion weekend filled with sun, laughter, croissants and confusion about languages (it’s very difficult to suddenly change from a habitual “Entschuldigung” to a casual “pardon”). Toulouse is such a beautiful city with its tiny alleys and pink architecture. Congrats if you’re going there on your Erasmus, good life choice!


(There’s no such thing as too much glitter)

The weekend in Toulouse was a lovely get-away, so lovely actually that it took me a few days to get out of that holiday bubble and understand I’m actually in the middle of my semester, and that I have no time for slacking. Apart from spending hot days in seminars, as I’ve said before, summer in Berlin is as good as it gets – the best way to spend it is going to the multiple outdoor festivals that seem to be happening every weekend now. In the first weekend of June there was the Karneval der Kulturen, ‘carnival of cultures’, literally in front of my door in Kreuzberg. There was a huge parade, delicious food, music and happy people from all over the world, and people had their own parties at every corner of the street. Even rain couldn’t kill the mood and towards the evening it got sunny again. I think this festival showed exactly the spirit of Berlin with its multicultural, accepting and joyful vibe. Looking forward to all the upcoming festivals, such as Fête de la Musique tomorrow, when the city is filled with music again.


Other than that, I’ve been biking a lot, swum in two lakes, done a trip to Potsdam, seen loads of fancy castles, posed with those fancy castles, watched my three friends dye their eyebrows purple, been on a blind date, been interviewed for news in an art gallery opening (sadly didn’t make the final cut), pet the most beautiful dog at said gallery opening, and walked around my beautiful hoods with a slight wistfulness thinking that two months from now I’m moving away.

Sadly it’s not all fun and games, and I need to get back to my essay right about now. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions: Have a lovely week, and happy Midsummer especially to all my Nordic loves!

LG, Miina


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