Finding Private Accommodation in Sydney

The last time I wrote a blog, second semester was just beginning. It’s now ending, which means it’s not long now till all you Sydney-bound people will be making your way to Australia. With that in mind, I thought I’d make a list of tips to help you not stress too much about finding accommodation.

This is better suited to people who are going to be living in private accommodation, as when I applied for studying abroad there was no way I could finance living in university accommodation. So, if you’re looking at living in private accommodation, this one’s for you.

  1. It’s completely normal for you to not have somewhere long-term to live when you arrive in Sydney. I would recommend booking a hostel for a week/two weeks to give you time to view places and also get to know the city a little.
  2. Sign up to This website is so useful, and gives you an idea of the prices of accommodation in each suburb. You can make a free account and either find spare rooms in the area you want to live in, or find people who are also looking for somewhere to live. You can securely contact landlords to arrange viewings, and I found it really reliable and easy to use this time last year.
  3. Research which suburb(s) you want to live and go and view places. I ended up being an hour away from Macquarie by train, but concession public transport is so cheap and easy that I preferred to be nearer the city.
  4. By viewing places, you’ll be able to see if you not only like the accommodation, but that it is accessible for the campus you’re on. If you’d like me to give you some ideas of the suburbs around each university, please let me know. The city can be super expensive, but there are areas just outside it.

Some of this may seem really simple, but it’s so easy to panic about not having secured somewhere to live before you fly out here. If any of you are coming out before semester 2 starts, I’m in Sydney till the 22nd July so contact me if you’d like to meet up  and help you with any issues. If not, I’m always contactable on Facebook so feel free to ask me any questions on there!

I hope this is helpful, I’m so excited for you guys!


Just to give you an idea of how glorious Sydney weather can be, even in Winter!


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