Sunny Stockholm

So, exams are finally over and I’m entering my last days in Copenhagen. If I wrote a post about that now it would be too depressing, so instead I’m going to talk about my trip to Stockholm!

My friend, from last semester, came up to visit me from Munich and we decided we should have a trip to Stockholm – as neither of us had been there yet. I really didn’t know what to expect and, admittedly, didn’t do much research on the place, but I fell in love with the city almost instantly!

We were so fortunate to have 20+ degree weather the whole time we were there and, as big as Stockholm is, managed to see the majority of the city within 3 days. The first day we got into the city we decided to wander about, as we couldn’t check in for 3 hours. Eventually, we stumbled across Kungsträdgården where there was a massive event on with Adidas, due to the Europa League Final being played in Stockholm the following night. We ended up spending a good few hours there, playing all the football games and getting irrationally competitive with each other!


Serious business

Later that night, we went to a restaurant to have our first ever non-Ikea, authentic Swedish Meatballs and, oh my God, they are to die for! 10/10 highly recommend. Afterwards, we went to the rooftop bar in Södermalm which is an absolute must do, if you’re there. It’s free to get up to and you don’t have to buy a drink to look at the insane view across the whole city.


We ended up spending hours there, as we got chatting to a group of retired professors who told us about some great places to visit while we were there.

The next day we ended up doing a ridiculous amount of exploring all around Gamla Stan, which is the main tourist district of Stockholm. Apart from the mass of Manchester United and Ajax supporters day drinking, it was really beautiful.


A lot of restaurants and cafés do lunchtime deals, which is really good value for money, given that Stockholm is not a cheap place, by any means. Later on, we met up with a friend from Glasgow, who’s currently studying at Stockholm University. It was lovely to see her after almost a year and we had so much fun walking up to a great viewing point at the edge of Södermalm.


After a quick trip to the Fotografiska museum and lunch at Omnipollos Hatt , it was time for us to fly back to Copenhagen. I really, really enjoyed Stockholm and absolutely urge anyone, studying abroad in Scandinavia, to visit!


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