Salamanca – nos vemos y gracias por todo

Soooo exam season has FINALLY finished at Usal! It felt like forever because back in Glasgow exams finish mid-May and all of my friends back home were having a ball while I hadn’t even began my exams yet. But now I can join in on the freedom & celebrations and let the good times roll. It was much harder studying for exams during second semester due to the sunny weather, lack of air conditioning & the constant daydreams about summer. But I can proudly say that I’ve managed to pass all of my exams for this year which is a great feeling!

Aside from studying, this past month has been full of visitors, packing up and reflecting over how grateful I am for this experience. Sometimes you forget how much of an awesome city you are in and when you have visitors it rekindles your appreciation for it because you are boasting non-stop about it. It was strange having friends & family from home into my little Sala bubble because I feel like i live 2 completely different lives in Salamanca and in Glasgow.

During the last few days of my year abroad, I strolled around taking pictures, sunbathed by the lake, saw a fireworks show, ate & drank at all my favourite places with my favourite people & slowly came to terms that I was leaving this amazing place.

The issue now is answering the daunting question ‘So how was your year abroad?’

That question is so HUGE i wouldn’t know even where to start, it’s rather difficult summing up 10 months of your life in words. It’s been a bittersweet experience filled with highs and lows but overall I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What I’ve gained from this experience:

  • Even more of a massive love for travelling
  • A passion for cooking
  • A sense of peace in my own company
  • The ability to speak, read, write in Spanish
  • A more relaxed attitude towards things
  • Amazing friends & memories that’ll i will never forget

The lows

  • homesickness
  • not being able to convey yourself 100% due to the language barrier
  • the countless sugar rushes from the Milka chocolate consumed
  • the prices of Avanza buses
  • the lack of sleep due to Spanish sleeping patterns

Overall, I feel very content with the experience that I had and what I gained from it. I left with a heavy heart but lots of good memories, friends and travels to look back on. Onwards and upwards now that this chapter of my life has closed.

“Muchas personas dicen que viajar te cambia la vida. Y así es. Cada momento, bueno o malo, es un aprendizaje que te hará evolucionar desde lo más profundo.”

If you have any questions about Spain or year abroad or studying abroad don’t be shy to fire me an email

Hasta Luego

Nina x

A mix of memories from the last month



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