Halifax Bars vs Glasgow Bars II

[Continued from Part I]

No. 4 – Pacifico


‘Are you going to Pacifico on Saturday?’ – the first phrase you will hear as a new Haligonian. From anyone.

Pacifico is basically the Hive of Halifax. It’s full of Uni students who should really be finishing the term papers and revising for their midterms. But instead they are drinking Caesars (a glorified Bloody Mary) and playing Beer Pong. The hub of many events, Pacifico is more than just your average club. Pacifico is a student experience. Pacifico is a mindset.

They host the annual Red Party, which, may I add, is phenomenal… from what I can remember of it. They also host an event for pretty much any day of significance during the calendar year (don’t even think of coming here for St. Paddy’s.)

No. 5 – Reflections


Reflections is the resident queer space in Halifax, and boy does it do it good.

Although it doesn’t fill up until around 12.30am, Reflections (affectionately referred to as Refs by the locals) is the place to go if you’re queer and want to boogie the night away, or just fancy getting some attention.

Free coat check, $7 cover (entry), and $5 doubles before 2am, Reflections really is the perfect Saturday night out. The music, mainly Britney, Cher, Rihanna, pretty much any diva you can think of, also helps a lot.

There is no doubt in my mind at all that Reflections is the Polo of the Glasgow scene.

Seriously, if you go to Halifax for Study Abroad, queer or not, you have to pay Reflections a visit – you won’t regret it.

No. 6 – Menz & Mollyz


Menz & Mollyz is the home of drag culture in Halifax. With appearances over the year from the likes of Tatianna, Trixie Mattel, and other home-grown Haligonian queens and kings. It’s a guaranteed good night out.

Located in the artsy and upcoming North End, it’s a short walk from other establishments such as the Seahorse, and well worth it.

I’d happily draw a comparison between Menz Bar and AXM Glasgow, both being the resident homes of drag.


Well, there we have it. The (not so) definitive list of all the places in Halifax you should check out!

Hoping I’ve left you feeling educated and a little more at home in Halifax.

Until next time.


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