Halifax Bars vs Glasgow Bars I

Halifax has, apparently, the most bars and clubs per capita than any other city in North America.

Don’t fact check me on that, but it is common Haligonian myth.

So, for all you prospective Haligonians reading my blogs and thinking whether to make the right decision to choose Halifax as your Study Abroad destination, I’ve decided to compile a two part series of my favourite Halifax bars and what bar they are most like in Glasgow!

No. 1 – The Dome


The Dirty Dome. This really is the kinda joint that you walk into and your feet stick the the floor, but you’re not really sure why, because the clubs only just opened so it can’t be spilled alcohol…

Located just off Barrington Street, the Dome is literally the place to go on Thursdays. It is full of students and probably the cheapest drinks you can buy at a club. The club has three levels, all with different names… probably because no one actually likes to admit they’re going to the Dome. The ground floor is, of course, the big boy himself – The Dome. The First floor is called Cheers and the Third Floor is Taboo. I’ve still not been to Taboo. Mainly because after the drinks prices at the Dome, the stairs to Taboo are a Health and Safety Hazard.

In comparison to Glasgow, the Dome is definitely Viper. Except instead of Rugby lads, it’s full of Hockey lads, eh bud?

No. 2 – The Fickle Frog

fickle frog

Probably my most regular haunt, the Fickle Frog is the kind of bar where you ask the Bartender for a double and they give you a triple. Because they’ve been drinking since they started shift.

Friendly, open, always busy, pub quiz on Wednesdays and karaoke on Tuesdays – what more could you ask for? Did I also mention they pretty much have daily drinks specials?

If The Fickle Frog was a Glaswegian institution, it would definitely be The Driftwood – cheap booze, young crowd, go for one and end up leaving at 2am.

No. 3 – Obladee


Ah, Obladee, Obladaa, life goes ooooon.

No but seriously, you probably couldn’t afford Obladee. I couldn’t.

This place is seriously only if A) you love wine or B) you have a load of money and you don’t really need drinks deals. At around $8 for a glass, it’s pretty pricey.

That being said, however, I did frequent this establishment one particular night for a friends 21st and it has to be said, it is delightful. A number of wines higher than my GPA, from countries I didn’t even know existed… or produced wine. (I’m looking at you, Cape Verde.)

If I had to compare this establishment to a Glasgow institution, it would probably be Gin71 on Byres Road – lovely atmosphere, great range of drinks, full of adults and out of any of our daily budgets.

[Continued in Part II]

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