Accommodation in Copenhagen

Hey guys,

I’m pretty sure it’s almost time to apply for housing if you’re one of the lucky few heading off to Copenhagen to study abroad, so I thought I’d write a post giving advice and a quick description of each dorm to help you choose.


Firstly, I remember the process incredibly clearly because it was such an awful nightmare for me. My Copenhagen email wasn’t set up correctly, which meant I never got the link to apply and consequently missed out on all the dorm places and was left to find private housing. Unfortunately, there is a massive dorm shortage in Copenhagen, which means this also happened to a lot of other students. If this happens to you, do not freak out like I did, because that does not solve anything. Just keep trying on the various housing websites, and group up with other exchange students, you’ll find somewhere eventually!


My room in Porcelaænshaven. Similar to rooms in Kathrine Kollegiet and Svanevej


I ended up being incredibly lucky and got a room at Porcelænshaven after being put on a waiting list. This dorm is the absolute closest to the Uni, a 5 minute bike ride from most uni buildings, and right next door to the rest of them. There is a metro stop 5 minutes away, and about 3 grocery stores in the area. It takes about 15 minutes to cycle into the city center.

The only downside is, there is no common room. I mean, technically there is, but you have to go to Uni to fill out a form to get the keys and leave a deposit. Oh and also you have to leave the room by 10pm on weekdays and 12 on weekends. So no one bothers. To compensate, people normally leave their doors open in order to be social.


Svanevej common room


Located in Nørrebro, this dorm is a lot more social: compromising of a communal kitchen, common room, and terrace. Despite living at Porcelænshaven, I spent most of this semester hanging out here. Although it’s not close to a mainline metro, it’s got an S-Train stop, and good bus links to the centre. It takes about 10 minutes to bike to University or the city centre.

Also fun fact: It’s right next to the street that boasts the most kebab shops per square foot than anywhere else in the country, which comes in handy on the way home after a night out.


View from a Tietgen balcony


So this dorm is like the VIP of all dorms. The building has 360 rooms, 36 of which are reserved for exchange students. With 8 rooms to a flat, this means you share with Danish students. A couple of my friends live here and they love it. Each flat has a kitchen, living room, study room, and balcony.

Tietgen is also a super social dorm; they hosted a festival a couple of weeks ago and it was so good! The only downside is that it’s located near Københaven University which means it’s a 30 minute bike to the CBS campus.


Kathrine Kollegiet

I’ve only been to Kathrine Kollegiet a couple of times, but from what I gather, it’s basically the same as Porcelænshaven but located in Flintholm. It’s right near one CBS building and 5-10 minutes biking away from the other main buildings.

It has great transport links with both the metro and the S-train as it’s right next to Flintholm station.




All dorms to my knowledge are en-suite rooms and all dorms except Tietgen have a small kitchenette (including a microwave and a stove top). The rooms in each dorm are varying sizes and rent is based on the size of the room you are allocated.




Hope this helps, as always don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions:



PS- A group of us hired GoBoats yesterday and it was insane fun! Highly recommend.



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