Time flies when you’re having fun…

Apologies for going MIA for a while, exam season came out of nowhere. Turns out you still have to study during your study abroad- just a heads up for those about to go on exchange!

So what’s new in Copenhagen? Well, after what feels like months and months of cold weather, we are slowly but surely heading towards warmer and brighter weather. We even managed to have a semi-successful barbeque a week ago. Although, it did take us 40 minutes to get a decent fire going and as soon as we put food on the grill, someone managed to knock it over.



With the better weather did come the realisation that this semester has gone even faster than the last, and I am by no means ready to leave. So, I made a bucket list of the things I haven’t done yet in Copenhagen, which gave me the idea to create a “Must do on a Danish exchange” list for anyone coming on exchange this year.

Here goes:

  1. Have a Danish Pastry


    Danish pastry ft a sad, sleep-deprived Nicola

  2. See the views from the Danish Parliament


    Psstt- it’s free

  3. Take a water canal tour


    Go at sunset for maximum ~vibes~

  4. Have lunch at Papirøen


    It’s basically this massive warehouse with a load of street food vendors. I’m still working my way through all the stalls.

  5. Have a chilled afternoon in the Botanical Gardens (Botanisk Have)


    Look how chilled

  6. See the Cherry Blossoms in Bispebjerg Cemetery in April

    Photo 09-04-2017, 18 11 15

    Don’t do what I did and go on a sunny Sunday afternoon if you want breathing space

  7. Take a day trip to Malmö


    It’s worth it just to go over ‘the bridge’

  8. Have an ‘eclectic’ night out in Kødbyen


    Also food trucks selling Gnocchi at the end of the night??!!

  9. Visit Norway


    It’s just breathtaking and I will not shut up about it for the rest of my life

  10. Be the stereotypical tourist and walk along Nyhavn

Bonus tourist points if you take a selfie on one of the bridges


As always, I am here if you have any questions about studying in Copenhagen, or just exchange in general:


Email: 2121917p@student.gla.ac.uk


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