Foodies’ Bible in Milano

Hey everyone!

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining, I just went for a run and now I just want to chill in my super duper cosy flat! Since I am in a foodie mood I thought that would be the perfect time for me to share the best restaurants I’ve tried in Milan!

Yes, I am one of those that believe that discovering a new culture is strongly based on tasting the local food… And Italy is not the worst place to go for that as you may have heard!

So here we go, my top spots for a delightful time in Milano:

Let’s dig in with the two places that make AMAZING pizzas (salivating just thinking about these). These are my TO GO, cheap and delightful:

  • Piz – For Romantics willing to taste one true Italian Margherita con Prosecco

Capture d_écran 2017-03-07 à 22.49.42

2 steps away from the Duomo, this pizzeria in the centre of Milan will have no equal in
taste and in atmosphere! So far this is the best pizza that I have tried in Italy. It’s made alla Napoletana, which means with the very thin crust but very puffy edges. In Italy, the best pizzas are usually the simplest, reason why he menu only displays three very simple choices: marinara (tomato sauce, olive oil and Basil, even more traditional for Italians than the classic margherita), the margherita of course and the pizza of the day (la pizza del giorno) which is usually a margherita with a simple twist.
You will be asked to wait outside for a table to free itself with a FREE hot slice of pizza and a glass of Prosecco on the house. Italians are generous when it comes to food and drinks!

Make sure this is your first Milanese lunch while exploring the city centre– you’ll fall in love with Italy and forgive this country all the possible problems you’ll have encountered on arrival!

Piz – Via Torino, 34



  • Starita – For those who want to feel Italian amongst Italians

marinara-starita-topThis pizzeria is held by an Italian family, with the youngest ushering, the grandpa at the till and probably the dad near the oven.

Make sure you do not arrive too hungry because it’s likely you’ll have to wait a few minutes once you get there.
Make sure you order a beer from the tap while waiting for the best Marinara in town (Margherita without mozzarella and a lot of garlic and herbs basically).

If you wish to perfect that Italian, try to engage conversation with (very) close neighbors.

Also, this is a very good spot if you wish to try out the deep fried pizza! They call it Panzerotto, it’s a must for Scottish – need to try out the Deep-fried competition!

Starita – Via Giovanni Gherardini, 1

  • Taglio – For cravers of Italian taste and coffee lovers

I only recently got to try out this place, it’s instantly become one of my favorite! Very chill atmosphere, good old hip hop songs on, see-through kitchen and a real taste of Italy in the plate! Perfect for breakie, afternoon coffee break but also dinner time. They make amazing coffee, with all types of machine (V60, drip, aero press…) but also good Spritz. Their lasagna is good and their Melanzane to die for (veggie dish based on tender baked eggplant in a cream of tomato and ricotta, topped with fresh basil).
You can also blind-order their tiramisu, it passed my test! taglio

Taglio – Via Vigevano, 10

  • Temakhino – For Sushi addicts and Exotic dreamers

14607084_560278200850201_7069359879651065856_nNever had I ever heard of Brasilian sushis in my life, but apparently it’s a common thing in Milan. It’s one thing you have to try here. In comparison with all the “all you can eat” Japanese restaurants here, you will eat a bit less but this is such a fresher and tastier food. Loads of colors and flavors to be expected. On top of it, you get to drink Brasilian exotic cocktails (I have emotional memories of my Passion Fruit Caipirinha).

Temakhino Darsena – Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 37

  • Tartufotto – For Truffle addicts (you won’t resist their truffle-tiramisu!)fullsizerender-19

In the North of Milan, a little restaurant which calls you from the other side of the street with its strong smell of truffle. Every dish is prepared with a generous dose of truffle for a very fine result. Their spritz are gargantuesques, their meet is fresh, their pasta creamy and their tiramisu will blow your mind. Side note: be sure to bring mum and dad.

Tartufotto – Via Cusani, 8

  • Dry – For Hipsters that love pizza and cocktailsCapture d_écran 2017-04-24 à 13.05.10

What comes out when a talented bartender and a passionate pizzaiollo meet and decide to open a trendy restaurant. Good pizza, exquisite cocktails, a very original and perfect combo to start a night out with friends.

Dry – Via Solferino, 33

  • California Bakery – For Homesicks wihsing to find a Glasgow style latte with cake

Capture d_écran 2017-04-24 à 13.08.40

This place has become one of my favorite place simply because people are extremely friendly, the cake counter is enormous, they do really good coffee and are students’ friendly. The perfect Glaswegian home away from home, except they call themselves “Californian”… Must have something to do with the wide choice from cheesecakes, bagels and pancakes. Fair enough, quite an acceptable alternative to scones and banana bread. Side note: Make sure you ask for a Cinnamon topping on your cappuccino, it’s amaaaazing!

California Bakery – Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4

  • God Save the Food – For Healthy athletes crazy about juices and delicious saladsCapture d_écran 2017-04-24 à 13.09.47

Beware – Addictive place! Around the corner from mine, it’s my go-to place whenever I need healthy food. Best (and big!) juices coupled to hearty (and big!) salads. Very beautiful design and big place. They also do brunch, which you need to be patient for because the place is victim of its success… Make sure you get a nice digestive stroll in the neighborhood, Tortona District is the new place to be, with loads of showrooms, hidden outlets and galleries.

God Save the Food – Via Tortona, 34

  • The Botanical Club – For Avocado toast experts

I have warm memories of my lunch date there with my Canadian friend. Colourful and tasty plates to be expected. Great idea for Brunch too but be aware that booking is necessary even if you are two.
The place is absolutely beautiful too, very modern atmosphere, marble tables, vegetal bar, lumière tamisée… Only bad point: can become really noisy at times.


The Botanical Club – Via Tortona, 33



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