It’s not always sunny in Brisbane: Cyclone Debbie at the University of Queensland

I have mentioned many times before how great the weather here in Brisbane is.  This holds true most of the time but changed dramatically when Cyclone Debbie swept over Brisbane on its journey from the Northern Queensland Coast down to New South Wales.

In case you didn’t know this is what Cyclone Debbie was:

Luckily, the cyclone had died down a bit by the time it had reached Southern Queensland causing less destruction than it had further up the coast. Still, it had quite an impact on the city of Brisbane and –  similar to the unravelling of an adventure story – took over all news channels that were reporting from different areas of the region.

Given our fortunate location at the top of a tiny hill, the cyclone meant little more than a day spent at home watching the storm pass by while the roads around the house slowly flooded to harmless levels. We were the lucky ones.

As the day (and storm) progressed, e-mails about class cancellations and pictures in UQ facebook groups revealed the extent of damage that was being caused in a short 24-hour period. The Queensland government recommended closing businesses after 12pm and the university even shut down.


While our area remained relatively unaffected (bar a gum tree being ripped out of the earth at the bottom of our road) other places close to the university felt the full impact of the heavy rain and winds.

Anyway, the storm passed within a day and Brisbane’s weather is back to normal: which means clear blue skies and sunshine. I’m off to a BBQ in the park now.

What do I take with from today?

  • The weather in Brisbane is really bad once a year
  • News channels love dramatic coverage
  • If a cyclone is heading towards your area, stay at home
  • UQ facebook groups have some great memes









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