Start of a New Semester

Well it’s not quite the start as we’re a month into lectures here in Copenhagen but the point still stands.

After a lengthy break making the most of all the free food and heating in my parent’s house, I was ready to travel back to the cold depths of Denmark. I just had one problem: I was the only one in my group of close friends returning for the second semester.  Therefore, I almost felt like I was starting again and I wasn’t too keen on that.

However, there were so many other people in the same boat as me as well as a new batch of people arriving for their semester abroad and, just like last year, everyone was so welcoming of each other and friendships were made quickly. As soon as I walked into the common room and was introduced to everyone, my nerves disappeared almost instantly.

Because I arrived 5 days before the lectures started and 10 days after everyone else, I had to jam pack all the socialising before studying started (this was not at all the chore I am making it out to be). It was great meeting so many new people again, and getting much closer with friends from last semester.


Old-ish friends

Although I passed all my exams last semester, the second is always harder so I’ve promised myself I’m going to be a better student this year and it’s going well so far. I’m a lot more engaged in my classes this term, mainly because there’s a lot less maths, and seem to be on top of things even though I’ve just come down with the worst bout of flu I’ve ever had.

Cue my rant about being ill:

To everyone coming to Denmark and other continental European cities to study abroad: stock up on painkillers and Lemsip! I can’t speak for other countries but painkillers are 10x the price here and Lemsip doesn’t exist. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I failed to heed to my own advice over Christmas and came back empty handed and am now left without my beloved Lemsip and full of sinus headaches. Someone please send help: I’ve managed to go through two seasons of How To Get Away With Murder in five days whilst consuming vast quantities of soup and paracetamol which has led my mucus riddled mind to write this blog post. Can you tell I’m not very good at being ill?


New friends

In conclusion, Denmark is still so very cold and I can’t see an end in sight; being ill here sucks unless you’re a millionaire; but my initial second semester preconceptions were totally wrong and I’ve made a load of friends and it’s all going great (apart from the flu).


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