Tying up semester 1, plunging into semester 2 and a quick trip to Paris in between

Quick little update

Soooooo January really dragged because all I did was study, gym (the spanish ADORE the gym btw), nanny two little girls (very easy to find this type of job over here if you’re a native english speaker & mainly consists of playing english games like simon says and guess who) and study study study some more. But hey there’s not that much that happens in January anyway so I wasn’t really missing out on much and I much prefer studying when it’s cold and miserable weather because it’s brutal studying when there’s sunshine.

Anyhow i miraculously managed to pass all of my exams, which is one thing in itself but to pass a politics exam written in Spanish is a massive waheeeey. I didn’t even think it was possible at the beginning of my year abroad but here we are and i’m pretty proud of how far i’ve come already.

After exams finished, i jetted off to Paris to visit all my friends who are studying there. I had THEE BEST WEEKEND and it was so good experiencing the real world/freedom/frenchness again. It was my 4th time in Paris but by far the best because I got to see Paris from different perspectives of 3 different people who lived in Paris rather than just hitting the usual touristy spots. Highlights of my weekend were – cycling around Paris soaking up all the sights/atmosphere, going to a Parisian flat party, running along the Seine, exploring vegan food markets, going to art exhibits and generally just having a top-notch time with my friends who i hadn’t seen in a while. Overall 10/10 weekend but afterwards I went very skint and had a cheese/bread/wine baby.

Let the games begin – Semester 2

I wasn’t all too positive/cheery about semester 2 because some of the friends that I had made in semester  1 were only in Salamanca for one semester therefore it was hard saying goodbye and I was a bit nervous about not having any friends. However after the week i’ve just had, I don’t even know why I was having doubts. WHAT A WEEK. My classes this semester are really interesting but as always with second semester the workload basically doubles overnight! However what I do like about this semester compared to last is that i know what’s going on and i’m comfortable with the Spanish uni system/way of life now compared to the start of last semester. It’s also nice seeing a fresh new bunch of erasmus faces and this week I’ve met really interesting/creative/nice people from all over the world who are just beginning their Salamanca adventure. Though after this week of a heavy work load, a lot of socialising and sorting things out I’m shattered and definitely need a few days to recover/sleep (also because I can’t handle a Spanish night out either which normally ends at 6am!)

Anyhow I’m in high spirits about this upcoming semester and can’t wait to see what exciting challenges/adventures/friendships it brings! Refusing to believe that I only have 4 months left here!

Hasta Luego

Nina x


HOW BEAUTIFUL IS MY UNIVERSITY – Views from translation class





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