Winter Wonderland

While back in Europe the arrival of winter can often mean wrapping up in a warm blanket and not venturing outside, over here you’ll be treated to snow covered cities and the wide variety of activities that come with them.

First and foremost, ice skating. While back Glasgow a trip to the skating ring often meant a harrowing 45 minute bus ride out of town, in Montreal it’s a whole different story. The city boasts dozens of rinks in all shapes and sizes. Locals take advantage of the fact that many outdoor skating locations are completely free, courtesy of the local council. All you need is a pair of skates but for those in need there is always the opportunity to rent. My personal favorite is just beside Mont-royal’s Beaver lake.

NB11 1226

Next up, hockey games. While I don’t participate in the games myself I really do enjoy watching them. Stereotypes will have you believe that all Canadians are into hockey, and well, there is an element of truth to it. When the local team (The Habs) are playing, you can see the entire town dress up in team colours and bars are overflowing with enthusiastic supporters. I was lucky enough to get some reasonably priced tickets to go see a game and boy was it worth it! Seeing two teams of grown men fight over a piece of rubber has never been so much fun 😀

Another option that I discovered over here is snow tubing. Having grown up in the Alpes, I often heard stories of crazy North-Americans throwing themselves down the pistes in inflatable tires. Well, turns out that’s just what it is. I might just add in that you are in a snow trench, so there’s no risk of flying out and hitting a tree 😉 There’s not much more to explain, as the concept is pretty simply but really fun. It takes all the fun of the speed of skiing, but takes away any control all while keeping you safe. A definite must!


And finally, let’s not forget our main winter sports. I haven’t had the opportunity to hit up the resorts yet due to a busy schedule but with how close they are, one could take the afternoon of classes for a ski. The local domain (Mont Saint-Bruno) is a mere 20km from the city center, meaning that the powder experience you’ve always dreamed of is only a few moments away.


That’s all for now, but if you have any questions regarding Montreal or exchange in general, feel free to e-mail me at
Mais c’est qui lui?,
Matthew Kehoe


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