Spain isn’t simply just Spanish people speaking Spanish – oh no

Overview – Spain is made up of 17 autonomous regions known in Spain as ‘Comunidades Autónomas’. Besides these ‘communities’ the country is further divided into 50 provinces (‘provincias’). And in some of these regions they speak different languages, yup, in Spain Basque, Catalan, Galician and Occitan are spoken as well as Spanish.

Therefore it’s pretty confusing when travelling through regions and you end up not being able to read sign posts because it’s in Basque (which is basically like Russian Spanish)

Furthermore accents in Spain are very very different. I am situated in the north in the region of Castilla y Leon where the Spanish is supposedly the ‘purest Spanish’ there is, therefore it’s easy to understand and pronounce. However i live with two Southern Spanish girls and I have trouble understanding their Andalusian accent with the pace, the words they say and how they say it.

Another point to make with all these regions is the pride that’s associated with them. If you confused a Southerner for a Northerner or someone from Extremadura for someone from Valencia you’re in big trouble! Each region has it’s own culture, traditions and history and is deeply rooted in the lives of the inhabitants of that particular region.

Before I came over here i was so naive and undereducated with regards to this but now I can successfully tell the difference from someone from Cadiz and someone from Barcelona. Which shows that from this experience i’m not only getting academic lessons but geographical, historical and cultural ones too!

Nina xo


Regions of Spain14947785_10205632602854888_3255480717960819420_n

Trip to countryside in Extremadura


View from my lovely lil balcony in Salamanca


San Sebastian – Basque Country


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