The perks of studying at Bocconi

Hey Guys!

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed your christmas break and are ready to get back to work!
After an entire semester spent at Bocconi, I was thinking of the best way to present my host university and what it has to offer, so I thought it would be good to begin with a small introduction about Bocconi and then tell you all about how interesting and convenient it is to study here!


The university is quite recent, founded in 1902 by Ferdinando Bocconi, its aim was to become a leading research university, with democratic values, open to the outside world and independent politically and financially speaking.


Here is a little list of things about Bocconi that I am sure you’ll love as much as I do

  • Bocconi is a leader in the field of Social Sciences and Economics in Europe and the World. The rankings of the school are impressive: 5th in Europe and 17th Worldwide for Economics and Econometrics while 6th in Europe and 10th Worldwide for Business and Management (Which are my two majors… Pretty convenient I must say!). And the school has equally prestigious rankings in social sciences and accounting and finance. It is one of the most prestigious Business schools that the University of Glasgow partners with.

European institutions and their international ranking in Business Management

  • The university has created a few courses for the international students, they are completely in English and the grading system is tailored to the needs of exchange students. For instance, my Organizing Entrepreneurship class in semester 1 did not have any final or midterm, the grading system was based on weekly home assignments, case studies and a group project. It fostered a good atmosphere in the class, I met new exchange students and I did not have to stress about exams which enabled me to do an extra trip at the end of the semester!


  • The exam diet is also very convenient. Students get to choose when they want to take their finals from the different exam sessions offered. Thanks to this I could split my exams between before and after christmas and have the time to properly revise! Hard to believe but yeah, Italians are very flexible. Oh the other really good thing is that for some subjects, you can choose whether to sit the final as a 100% of your grade or as a partial exam (like 50%). This is to allow students who did not do as good as they expected in the midterm to improve their results with a longer and harder final but which erases their bad midterm. Again, that’s a great advantage for exchange because it is sometimes hard to adapt quickly to a different examination and grading system, and you could be surprised by the level of the midterm. Always nice to get a second chance right?


  • The academic system is quite different from the one in Glasgow, which for me is a very good thing, in the sense that exchange is also about learning how to work in a different way and getting to know your strengths and weaknesses better. Here at Bocconi, teamwork is ubiquitous in all Business courses, and regular hand-ins as well. I have not had any 3500 words essays, but a lot of projects like a fashion company business model analysis in the form of a video, or a business pitch and business plan for a startup that we invented from scratch. These experiences familiarized me with group work which is invaluable on the job market nowadays. In economics, I’ve had regular hand-ins as well, which gathered were worth 30% of my grade.  These were very challenging, requiring teamwork, and I must say I almost enjoyed the challenge each time!

These are the main points that for me stick out the most about Bocconi. Overall I am really surprised at how much is done for international students here. I was afraid of being left behind in class because of a very high academic level but the workload is not too heavy nor hard and pretty well balanced, so nothing to be afraid of!

I know that the deadline for the Erasmus application is approaching, so please don’t hesitate to contact me over Facebook or my email if you want more information!

Until next time,


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