Study Abroad Fair: Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Hi guys, as my final blog post here, I want to address some most of the most common questions that were asked during the Study Abroad fair that took place two weeks ago. A lot of people didn’t seem to have the tools or access to answer these queries, and so I hope this helps with this issue. Enjoy!

1. I study ‘X’, where can I go abroad? 

If you are still unsure of where your degree allows you to go, there is a great interactive map which will visually show you where you can go according to the school you are in:

Where can I go abroad?

Another thing I would like to say is that just because a certain university you want to go to isn’t on the list you can’t go. If you do your research and look at the courses that are available at ‘X’ university and make sure that those courses fit with your requirements here at Glasgow, then there is no harm in applying for it. I would suggest you speak to your study abroad advisor about this before however.

2. Who is my subject advisor?

Well! There is another little link for this too:

Study Abroad Subject Advisors

All the subjects are listed here along with the corresponding advisors. I would strongly recommend you get in touch with them first if you have any questions, as the study abroad team may be a bit overwhelmed at this time. If there are any questions they cannot answer fully, then I suggest you ask the study abroad team. Their email is:

3. Can I do subject ‘X’ at Lund University?

Links galore! Here is a link to the website showing the options for international students to Lund University:

International Admissions Choices

The best think to do is check out the subjects, and the courses they are offering and see how it fits with the subjects you would be taking here at Glasgow University.

4. How was Lund?

Well this is a bit of a broad question, one that would take quite a while to answer. If you would like to know about how my time abroad went I would suggest reading some blogs written about my time spent there, such as:

Some propaganda to make you consider Sweden for your study abroad

Dos and Donts for arriving at your study abroad location

What are Nations?

If you don’t like reading poorly written blogs (I try, I really do), then meet me for coffee! It’s a much easier way of hearing first hand about studying abroad, and getting some grub at the same time.

5. How and when do I apply for accommodation in Lund? 

This will usually take place once you have been accepted onto a course by whatever university you are applying to. So don’t panic, it’ll sort itself all out.

For Lund University, AF Bostäder is (in my opinion) the best agency to go with for applying for accommodation. IT is the one with the best rent and also has a large range of different types of locations and options. If you’re looking to rent an actual apartment with friends, BoPoolen can be a good source.

Hopefully this blog has answered some questions that you may have about the whole process of study abroad, from figuring out where you want to apply to figuring out accommodation.

If there are any questions that haven’t been answered here, you are more than welcome to email me some questions at or even just ask me to meet up so that I can answer your questions more thoroughly.

The study abroad blogs are a wealth of information that should be taken advantage of, so don’t forget to read them if you haven’t already!

Happy applications, everyone. Here’s hoping you all get your study abroad dreams,

Your Swedish SASA Isabel, over and out.



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