Further afield

Hey everyone! I know a lot of you are currently thinking about where it is exactly that you’d like to study abroad, so let me help you make that decision by telling you one of the number one selling points of Singapore: travelling!

Being pretty much in the centre of South East Asia, there are so many countries to visit just a couple of hours away from Singapore and for super cheap price tickets. In my first two months here, I’ve already visited Malaysia and Indonesia, and I know some people who have visited way more places in this time as well. Other common destinations include Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, even as far as Hong Kong!

Anyway, since pictures speak louder than words, I’ll show you some of the amazing things I’ve gotten to see in my quick trips out of Singapore…


Boat ride in Malacca, Malaysia


Malacca, Malaysia


Pulau Seribu, off Jarkarta in Indonesia


Unreal turqoise water in Pulau Seribu


Enjoying the view in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


3am morning to catch this sunrise in Yogyakarta


Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

So there you go! I hope these little snippets of my adventures sway you into checking out some more about Singapore. As always, you can contact me if you have any questions, at 2124794s@student.gla.ac.uk ! And have a nice reading week 😉


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