Why you should be thinking about studying abroad in Copenhagen…

Hey guys!

As the Study Abroad Fair was this week, I thought I’d write a blog post summarising what I’ve learnt so far during my study abroad in Copenhagen:

  • Its not great to start off on a negative note but I’m just going to get it out of the way. Copenhagen is an expensive city to live in- worse than London. I took a taxi home the other night and it cost me £26 for a 10 minute ride. i nearly cried handing the money over! However, that being said, there is still so many amazing things to do in Copenhagen for free!

It’s free to go up to the top of the Parliament Building and view the amazing skyline all year round!

  •  Copenhagen Business School holds their version of HIVE every Thursday. Only theirs is called Nexus and it takes place in the main building. Not in a designated room in the main building, the entire main building and it’s so cool!


  • Hygge is a big thing here and, although there isn’t a word for it in English, it roughly translates to cosiness. It’s all about spending quality time with friends and family. A classic hygge would be everyone gathered around a candlelit table enjoying a warm meal. Winters here seem to go on forever (I’m writing this in October and it’s already very cold and dark), so the Danes incorporate hygge into their lives in order to combat the depressing weather.
  • If you don’t like beer, you may initially suffer. Every student drinks either Carlsberg or  Tuborg (both brewed in Copenhagen) so you may feel pressured to pretend to enjoy beer like I did (I gave up once I found out that wine is equally as cheap as beer here). However, If you do enjoy beer, Copenhagen is definitely the place for you!


  •  I suffered from a particularly bad bout of fresher’s flu about two weeks into moving to Denmark and was pretty gutted to learn that Lemsip is illegal here and 10 paracetamol is about £5. Thankfully, my mum was the real MVP and she posted me a ridiculous amount of cold medicine and the likes. How it got through customs, I don’t know!
  • The Danes are really environmentally friendly. So much so, that for each can you return to a recycling machine, you get 10p. You may be reading this and thinking “Ok, but that’s nothing, what’s the point?”
      Here’s the point: hosting pre-drinks has gone from a pain to a very profitable business. Each time I host, I earn enough to buy drink for my next pre-drinks. It’s genius!


  •  You’ll meet the best people ever! Obviously, this will happen wherever you choose to go because everyone else you meet is in exactly the same situation as you: moving to an unfamiliar country, surrounded by people from all over the world. Therefore, everyone is super welcoming and eager  to make new friends!

My amazing friends!

  •  Lastly, Copenhagen is the most amazing city in the world! The amazing Danish              architecture and design (which they very much pride themselves on) matched with the diverse cultures come together to create a city like no other. The nights out are incredible and the food is exceptional. Honestly, what more could you want?


Always happy to answer any questions anyone may have about studying in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia or even just studying abroad as an Economics student!
Email: 2121917p@student.gla.ac.uk


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