Jello again, everyone!

I realise it has been a while since my last update, so here I am to correct the situation.

“So Safira, what have you been up to during your two months in Stockholm?”, you may ask. Well to put it short and sweet, here’s what:

1. Found a place to live

I live in a student dorm, know as a ‘korridor’ here in Sweden, in a place called ‘Lappis’. It takes 10 minutes for me to walk to Uni and the metro, which is convenient. I have my own room with a bathroom and share a kitchen with 9 other lovely people. I could not have been more fortunate with finding a flat!

My home in ‘Lappis’ (The building to the right) and a sunset picture taken from my window

2. Studying

The studies sure are different. I’ve been introduced to new concepts such as take-home exams, and found myself being very confused about how to tackle such a task. I did get it done and handed in, so now I’m waiting for results… We shall see how it goes! Another new acquaintance has been semesters being divided into periods. One period lasts 4-5 weeks and at an average consist of  4-6 hours of lectures and seminars a week. You only study one subject per period and have either a take-home or traditional sit-down exam. Again, highly confusing. The period is over before you know it.


3. Touristing

Luckily I’ve also had time to explore the lovely city of Stockholm. Me and a few of my flatmates decided to properly tourist around Stockholm mid September. My lovely Swedish flatmate Adam volunteered to be the designated tour guide and showed us all that is essential to see in Stockholm. Besides exploring my new home city, I have also been able to enjoy a luxury that isn’t present for me in Scotland – spontaneously going home for a weekend visit. Sounds silly (I know, it does to me too), but truly it is an opportunity I don’t have when in Scotland, so I decided to make the most out of my exchange in Stockholm. This includes enjoying the benefits of Stockholm’s geographical proximity to Finland.



  The top pictures and the one to the bottom left are from Stockholm, and the last one to the bottom right is from Helsinki.


4. Made new friends and met up with some old ones

Being on exchange is great, and that is mostly due to the amazing people you meet. Already during orientation week the school of social science held an introductory lecture to everyone studying within their school, both Erasmus and International exchange students. Everyone in the room had two things in common: an interest for politics and being on exchange, so it was easy to find like-minded people and make friends. Besides all the new people I’ve met, I’ve also gotten to catch up with some old friends from back home in Finland, who’ve come to Stockholm to study. This has been a fun way for me to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen since secondary and high school!


Me and my flatmates out and about in old town Stockholm


So indeed, I do apologise for the radio silence and promise to be a more active blogger from now on!

Again, I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. I also openly accept all suggestions for future posts. If you happen to have any, do send them my way: 2146496S@student.glasgow.ac.uk or just message me on facebook: Safira Schubak.

Have a wonderful week you all :)!



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