Coping with post-study abroad blues

It’s been almost one month since moving back to Glasgow to complete my degree in Zoology, and I have to say there are a lot of things that have stood out since coming back.

In these blogs, there tends to be a focus on how to prepare for life abroad, how to get into the groove of things once you’re there, some tips and tricks and whatnot. There’s an important part of the study abroad process that’s not spoken about too often however, and that’s coming back.

We’ve all come back from this whirlwind adventure abroad, and now have to quickly settle back into Glasgow and get used to everything again (after being away for up to a year!)

Every return is different depending on the individual, and so these tips are purely from my own perspective and experiences. However, from the past month I can say this:

  1. Make sure you have some friends back in Glasgow when you’re away that can help you settle back in. 

    Most of my friends already had their flats sorted out, so it was a bit tricky to find a place to live. I would definitely recommend that you start planning this early on, and make sure your move back to Glasgow is as smooth as possible.

  2. Find friends that went abroad as well, they won’t get sick of your stories (because they want to tell you theirs!). Me: This one time, on my year abroa-
    Other people:
  3. Meet up with as many friends from your year abroad as you can, the summer immediately after, during the school year, whenever. It’s very important for you to keep those connections, it’s also a nice way of revisiting your time abroad.


    Visited my wonderful girl Anna in Dublin. We met in Sweden and it was the best thing ever to see her again!

  4. Do some fun things in Glasgow, go for dinner with old friends and re-visit the city. Sometimes things will have changed more than you think (E.g. the new entrance to the library, very nice!).
  5. Bring back a bit of your year abroad with you. It can be anything from going to a club that reminds you of your time abroad, to food that you ate when abroad. For example, the other day I ate a cardamom bun and it immediately transported me to Sweden. It was comforting to have a bit of my year abroad in Glasgow.
  6. Focus on school but don’t let it take over your life. Yes, you’re back at University but you’re still a student. It’s easy to feel like you’ve missed out on a lot since your departure, and I definitely have felt this, but you’ve gained a wealth of experience and gained knowledge that your peers won’t have. So go out, party, relax with friends and work hard when you have to.

I hope these points are in line with what other study abroad students have been feeling. Again, these experiences are different depending on the individual. See what works for you, and do it.

Peace and love,

Your SASA from Sweden, Isabel

If you have any questions please contact me at, or send me a message on Facebook (my name is Isabel Fisk Baruque)


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