Exploring New South Wales

This week has been a struggle after a two week mid semester break, so I thought I’d cheer myself up by reminiscing about some of the adventures I’ve had. Of course, I had some reading to catch up on and some essays to prepare for, but I also took this opportunity to explore a couple of places that are still in New South Wales but outside Sydney. It’s amazing how far you can get with an Opal card, I had a blast.


Okay so I know Sydney isn’t exactly lacking in beaches, but Wollongong is about an hour and a half from Central station which makes it perfect if you want a day trip away from the city.


City Beach, Wollongong

We went at the beginning of Spring (in September, I know, it’s crazy) and I was pleasantly surprised. There was loads of coastline to wander along and there’s also many shopping opportunities on the walk from the station, which was a bonus. It’s really easy to climb right to the edge, so you can take it the whole view and it’s stunning. Because it’s not quite as touristy as Sydney, it was the perfect place to explore and chill on a Saturday afternoon.


A collage of our walk up the coast on the rocks up to the lighthouse

The Blue Mountains

The first Monday in October in NSW is Labour Day so my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to go out west of Sydney to the Blue Mountains for the long weekend. You wouldn’t believe that it’s only two hours out of the city with how windy it is and how quiet it feels despite the tourists at The Three Sisters.


The Three Sisters

Everyone always raves about the scenery in Katoomba and I was suitably blown away. We also drank coffee by a lit fire, which was the perfect way to relax. I definitely recommend going, even if it’s just a day trip, because it definitely meets up to the hype. I’m excited to go back and do some bush walks during the summer.

I should probably get back to my essays now, but as ever if you have any questions about applying to study abroad in Sydney, please feel free to contact me on Facebook (Taggy Elliott) or by email at 2127742E@student.gla.ac.uk.


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