Post Exchange Blues

So I’m going to keep this one short as not many people will want to hear me moan about how mundane normal life seems after exchange.

Everyone I know from last year is now in the depths of post exchange blues. We are all asking the same questions.

Was it all a dream?
Was that the best year of our lives?
Will we ever see all our exchange friends again?
How do we live every year like that?

Exchange in a way seems to have ruined our lives. It just feels like nothing will ever top the entire experience. But we will all be damned if we don’t at least try to top it. We can’t peak this early in our lives!

I guess one of the main things exchange has given me is a thirst for more of THAT!

I can’t exactly put ‘THAT’ into words. But I have made a video from all the clips I managed to record throughout the year. If I had known I was going to make this I would have put a bit more thought into what I was videoing, and it would have hopefully looked a bit more professional. But I hope what I did manage to record gives you at least a tiny flavour of what is possible on exchange. The clips alone don’t even begin to cover everything involved.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂


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