The Mile High City So Far…

Hey again, it’s your mile high SASA her to tell you about my first month in Denver! With the Study Abroad Fair coming up in a few weeks time, I thought I’d give you all a few reasons why I’m in love with Denver as a city as well as the university!

  1. The People

I have one story that kind of summarizes how friendly and welcoming the people have been. During my first week here, I headed to a Colorado Rockies snapchat-5874123222409755822Baseball game. During the game, I got talking to one of the security staff members, who immediately picked up that I was Scottish.I explained to him how I had ended up out in Denver and how long I was here for etc. After talking for a little while, I went back to my seat and he wished me luck with my studies. Then, about 40 minutes later, another member of staff approached me in my seat and asked if I was the young lady from Scotland and handed me a game ball, saying it was a welcome present from all the staff at the stadium. I couldn’t quite put into words just how much that meant and how welcomed it made me feel here. Everyone I’ve encountered has shown me the same kindness, which when you’re 7000 miles away from home, can be very comforting.

     2. The Weather

This one is a short and sweet point. All of us Glaswegians are used to the constant rain and grey sheet that hangs over Glasgow nearly every day of the year, so, the weather out here has taken some getting used to (in a good way!) In the 4 and a half weeks I’ve been here, it’s rained twice, and even then, it was for a few hours and was flowed by blue skies and blinding sunshine! Apparently, they get 320 days of sunshine a year, which has so far proven to be true.

Snapchat-6529886796131946753.jpg 3. The Campus

Unlike at Glasgow, everything is all on one campus, even the accommodation, meaning classes are within easy reach, as well as the gym when you feel you’ve had one to many portions for dinner! It also means heading to sports events, club meetings or society socials is at most a 10 minute walk!

I also love that there is a tram stop right on campus! Being a DU student means that you get free public transport in and around Denver, meaning you can head downtown or to the local shopping mall easily, and spend what would have been your tram fare on a wee treat! It’s around a 15 minute ride into downtown, and 20 minutes to Park Meadows, what’s said to be the best mall in Denver!

      4. The Scenery

It’s no secret that Denver is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and with the Rocky dsc04332Mountain National Park being 40 minutes outside of Denver, there’s loads of places to go explore on weekends! My favorite place I’ve been to so far is Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s a natural concert value which is also used as a place for fitness classes,  races and hiking. I went to a country concert there on Tuesday (I know, how American of me!) and it was incredible! Not only was the concert itself amazing, but the seating faces towards Denver so you can see a breath-taking skyline view of Denver

       5. The Classes

At Glasgow, you’ll probably be used to class sizes of around 200+, especially if you’re a Life Sciences student like myself. Here, my largest class is 60 people, and my largest lab class is 19 people. This smaller class size means questions are encouraged and the lecturer is much more engaged with the class. Any problems with the material are dealt with right then and there, making life a little easier!

So, hopefully those 5 points have explained well why I love Denver so far, and why it should be a HUGE consideration for where you study abroad! 🙂

Rachel x


P.s, I did a vlog and interviewed other International students to get their opinion on DU and Denver so far! Give it a watch and let me know if you have any questions!



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