One Second Everyday

Ok ok ok, so this is my 12th and FINAL blog that I’ll be posting on the UofG’s study abroad page. It’s not that I want to keep talking about my study abroad experience forever or anything like that – I’ve got some real practical advice for ALL you Australian students who take up employment during your year.

I previously mentioned ( that you need a TFN (Tax File Number) for tax purposes while working in Australia and also that you need to join a superannuation fund too (essentially a pension scheme).

This admin may seem annoying when all you want to do is find a job and is essentially pointless as you can claim all the tax back along with the money in your superfund – but that is the good news! You can claim your tax back at the end of the Australian tax year (end of June), and believe me this is something you will want to do. If you end up working for most of the year or even just for some of the summer you’ll be able to claim hundreds back in tax.

This can all be done online even after you leave the country. For tax you’re going to want to create a myGov account before you leave and link that account with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) (easily done here You can also lodge your tax return through this account and should get it back promptly.

To claim your super back (also likely to be hundreds) then you need to wait till your visa runs out (or void it yourself) and request the funds through the ATO (here

If you end up having to claim tax back then you’ll also want to leave your bank account open as this is how it will be paid to you (the super money can be paid back via a cheque to your Scottish address/wherever else).

Okay so hardly the most exciting final blog but I figured this might be some literally valuable info for all you Oz students. I found this stuff out from my flatmate (who happened to study accounting & finance) but I seriously wouldn’t have known I was entitled to this money otherwise. It can be a bit of a pain trying to wrap your head around how this stuff works but persevere (and of course shoot me a message if you need a hand).

Anyway, big thanks to everyone who followed/even briefly checked out my blogs – hope you found them useful & informative. I also look forward to hopefully meeting some more of you study abroad hopefuls throughout this semester at Glasgow!

I’ll leave you all with this video that I finally got round to editing from my year. It certainly captures my/our experience more than I could possibly convey in words. For anyone wondering, this was made with the 1 Second Everyday app; if you don’t have this then I’d recommend; nay, insist you download it. It’s a really cheap and fun way to catalogue your time away…a study abroad essential!


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