Around La Ville

I’ve found no shortage of things to do in Lyon. There’s hidden passages dotted around the older quarter of the city, buildings shaped like cheese and crayons as well as nightclubs upon boats next to the Rhône River. You can eat in some of Lyon’s fanciest restaurants for as a little as 13 euros and have an unlimited bike borrowing service for a measly 15 euros per year. Notwithstanding the exceptional public transport service, you can walk from side of the city to the other in under an hour. If you feel the desire to go further afield, the city is only ninety minutes from the Alps and two hours from the glorious, sizzling Mediterranean Sea. I’m going to offer you guys some insider tips as to where the best places to hang out in Lyon are.

Lyon’s Old Quarter is hiding some of the best restaurants in France. I mean, for the quality of service, quality of food and comparatively inexpensive prices it is the best place in all of France to dine. The Lyonnais call them Bouchons, these are the crème de le crème of French gastronomy sitting at your doorstep. To be honest, each one is as good as the other so it’s really hard to pick out a favorite but I’d have to go for L’Amphitryon. Looming above the district is Fourvière, a hill upon which there is an ancient Roman amphitheatre and an almost equally ancient Cathedral. You can gaze over the entire city from a viewing platform aside the Cathedral and on a clear day you can even see Mt. Blanc.


The City is also the home one of France’s most revered football clubs, Olympique Lyonnais. I watched a match between them and Angers at the Stade de Gerland and they absolutely annihilated the opposition that day (that said, Lyon have been pretty poor this season). A student ticket is only 12 euros which is unbelievable compared to ticket prices in the UK. Elsewhere, Lyon rugby are currently in the second division in France but are well clear at the top of the table and should be back to facing the glamour teams of French rugby next season.

In terms of getting around you can do just about anything. The public transport in Lyon comprises of buses, trams (that aren’t over-budget like in Edinburgh) and of course the metro. You can buy an individual ticket for 1.80€ which gives unlimited travel for an hour on any of these forms of travelling. A monthly pass currently costs 28 euros. However, probably, the fastest and least expensive ways of getting around Lyon is the Velo’v. This is a system of bikes available for borrowing for a meagre 15 euros per year that can be used for an hour at a time. The best aspect about this is that you can use them anytime, anywhere unlike buses or trams for example. img_010484772

If you are keen on clubbing there’s a real plethora of nightclubs in Lyon. Of course there are many themed clubs such as in many cities, such as Latin or Brazilian ones, but for the best you only have to look towards the Rhône. You’ll find at least 10 boats parked along the riverside, each elegantly transformed into a stylish French club. However out of them, my picks are Le Sirius and La Plateforme. Both offer cool upstairs bars where people can hear each other speak and a downstairs level where hearing becomes slightly more difficult. There are different styles of music played every night ranging from techno, deep house or electronic to even vintage rock. Entry is normally around 3 euros and they remain open till a fairly brave 5am. If you’re wondering of a place to hang-out beforehand, the riverside just next to the boats is great place to meet some new French people!



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