Hello from Across the Pond…

Wow, so hi… Apologies in advance if this post seems a little jumbled, but given the changes that have happened in the last few weeks and the amount of sleep I’ve had to deal with them, I think it’s almost excusable. But anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

My name’s Holly, I’m a third year Civil Engineer from Edinburgh and for the next year I’ll be living over three thousand miles from home at the University of Connecticut. I know that for a lot of people that maybe doesn’t sound like too big of a deal, but given that the furthest I’ve ever travelled on my own is from Edinburgh to Glasgow, this is quite a change for me. I’m thinking that keeping this blog might be quite useful; partly to give you guys a bit of an insight into the study abroad process but also it might help you to avoid all of the mistakes that I will inevitably be making along the way.


Bye Scotland!

So I left Edinburgh last Saturday morning and flew directly to New York. Aside from managing to sneak on a large hiking bag as ‘hand-luggage’ and getting over the mild travesty of not having the luxury of seat-back tvs, the flight was pretty uneventful. It was only after I had arrived in New York, and gotten through passport control that I realised I hadn’t quite thought things through and now had to carry almost 50kg of luggage through the airport and across New York. Eventually though; after two subways, a large diversion, a helpful New-Yorker and an authentic yellow cab (who’s driver thought Scotland was in England) I was sitting, slightly flustered, on my hostel bed. I spent the rest of the day totally luggage free and wandering through New York figuring out how much of my stuff I could physically take home at Christmas so that I would never have to go through that ordeal again…


Some of the amazing architecture in New York…

The next morning was much more chill. After having managed to see Times Square, Central Park and Madison Avenue the night before, all I could really do was kill time until I caught my bus up to Connecticut in the afternoon. The bus itself was again totally fine (after the luggage transporting issues) and proved a great opportunity to meet some of the people I was going to be on exchange with for the next year. What I’ll never forget though is the totally surreal feeling of pulling into the campus and actually seeing all of the photos I’ve looked at brought to life…

The University of Connecticut (or UConn as it’s known here) hosts over 31,000 students and inhabits a town in the north east of Connecticut called Storrs. Storrs itself is remote but has it’s own little town square, medical centre and police and fire services so it’s pretty self sufficient. What really got me though is that Storrs literally looks like a scene from an American college movie. The main street is lined with banners of the UConn logo and there are pictures of the UConn mascot (a husky called Jonathan) absolutely everywhere. You know how at home you generally wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some UofG merch? Here absolutely everyone wears the stuff! (Though I am yet to figure out whether that’s due to school pride or a lack of alternative clothes shops…)

Anyway, the rest of the week was spent going through campus orientation and getting to know the other exchange students via a lot of time in the sun and some incredibly late night card games. Classes start next week and as far as I know will be in pounds, inches and feet so I’ll have to let you know how that all goes, but until then I hope Glasgow is nice, I’m off to enjoy the sun by the lake!


Just chilling by the campus LAKE!



2 thoughts on “Hello from Across the Pond…

  1. So happy you are having such an amazing time even though I miss you loads!! Hears like you’re having a blast, keep smiling! Scotland misses you xx ❤️❤️❤️


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