Ghent-ting to know the place

Heey Everyone!

My name is Amina, and as you can tell by my horrible pun in the title of my post, I try too hard to be funny! I’ll try to be more creative throughout this post though, so please bear with me!

I am an international student studying law at the University of Glasgow, and I have decided to go further abroad and study at the University of Ghent, Belgium for my third year! I have just arrived in Belgium two days ago, and the journey was quite interesting!

Before I start, I’d like to share 2 tips with you before you travel anywhere (I’m sorry if this has already been said but it’s important to make sure that everyone knows it!):

  1. NEVER pack more than you need to! You think you need that shirt or that dress, trust me, YOU DO NOT! You will probably not even notice that you didn’t bring it with you, so try as much as you can to pack essentials (and no, the heels are not essential).
  2. Try to be as happy as you possibly can, especially when you notice things going south. Never EVER let a series of unfortunate events bring you down, it’ll only make it worse. The best way to handle a stressful situation (which is always travelling to me) is to laugh and be positive about it.

Now that i’ve informed you of the two most important aspects of travelling to live abroad, I will, as creatively as I can, tell you about my time in Belgium so far:

B eing in a new place like Belgium is so refreshing and new that the moment I left the airport with the breeze and soft sun on my face, I knew I was gonna love it.


Arriving in Brussels before heading to Ghent

E mbracing all that I can from the natural beauty that is Belgium has got me so overwhelmed that I still cannot believe that I am here!


The architecture here is unreal- The Royal Place in Brussels

aughing at myself for every stupid silly thing I managed to do until I finally arrived at Ghent- carrying three suitcases does not work when you are only one person! Also, make sure that you have a way of reaching people BEFORE you make any decision, otherwise it can drain the energy out of you!

etting to meet lovely people that are so different and diverse that it makes you realise how lucky you are to be having such an incredible experience studying abroad.

I nvolving myself in everything I possibly can to make the most of my time here in Ghent- I even enrolled for Dutch language classes!


The place was packed! There were Belgian fries being given out though, so no complaints from my end

nderstanding that it’s okay to feel tired and slightly homesick- it’s always the case when you first arrive somewhere new! But honestly, the city is so mesmerising that you forget about everything!


St. Pietersplein Square, Ghent- A whole different meaning to beauty!

aintaining the attitude to never stop learning and discovering new things, otherwise what is the point of anything really? The more you know, the more you grow, and that’s what makes everything exciting!


Evening Ghent

I’m sorry, I thought my pun title was bad, I think this is even worse.

What I want to tell you guys is that studying abroad is definitely going to change your life, and I have only been here for two days! Do not be afraid to get out there and do your thing, because you’ll be surprised at the amount of people who are in your shoes that are as amazing as you and you will only meet them if you go on exchange too!

I will leave you with one final attempt at something cool to say, but my own work is not so great so I will use a quote:


I’ll be telling you all about the smoothness of being an exchange student at Ghent University in my second post, so keep an eye for it!

Thank you for being patient with my silliness, and if you have any questions about Ghent or Belgium please let me know!

Until next time,

Amina Husain | Email: | Facebook: Amina Husain | Instagram: ameena.abd | Twitter: @AWildAmeena (I know, silly)

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