One more time


Hello, guys! We have arrived to my final blog about my Erasmus year abroad. One year has already passed and it’s time to go back to Glasgow. It’s been a month now that I’ve been away from Bologna. However before coming to Glasgow I decided to fly back for few days to visit my boyfriend that lives there. It was such an incredible experience! Going back no longer as an Erasmus student but on a vacation made me feel so good that I didn’t even expect it.

Bologna has become something like a second home to me. Now that I fluently can speak Italian and that I have made so many friends there, going back to visit often seems like the most natural thing to do.

I met a few newly arrived Erasmus students on my nights out and I have to say that I envied them so much but I was also so excited for them. I wish I could tell all the people who start their Erasmus this September how many exciting things will happen to them, and how many life lessons they will learn and how this an opportunity of a lifetime but at the end this is something you have to live through on your own. You can never know what’s hidden out for you. Once you get through all the obstacles you will see that in the end that it was all worth it! It is such a rewarding experience. Without saying any more cheese lines I will stop myself here and wish to all the outgoing Erasmus students, not just to the ones going to Italy, a successful beginning of the academic year and may it bring the adventures of a lifetime!  Enjoy the journey and take advantage of it as much as you can! You will not be able to see and do everything you wish to do during your Erasmus, but remember that you can always go back and relieve it again and again ;).

And if you’re not an Erasmus student reading this I will tell you: the world is out there; don’t be afraid to explore it and to follow your dreams, no matter the cost!

It was a pleasure to share with you my experiences during the year! I hope I was of any help and if you need any kind of guidance or advice, please, contact me, I will be more than happy to help!

A presto!



A view of the Riviera Romagnola from San Marino.


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