Adjusting to life back home


I can’t believe that September has arrived and I’m writing my final blog. This time last year I was already half way through my first semester at UCT and planning all my summer travels. I have been home for a few months now and reality has set in. Cape Town seems a lifetime away which is something I dreaded would happen. I’ve heard a few stories of reverse culture shock and before I left Cape Town I wondered if this was actually going to happen. Being back home I have slipped naturally into the life I left but every day I miss so many things about Cape Town and its unique way of life.


Without a doubt I miss the weather, normality in Scotland is rain 90 percent of the time but in Cape Town even though it wasn’t sunny all the time the milder, drier climate definitely shaped my life for the better! Cape Town’s climate created a much more outdoor lifestyle, people were naturally more active and did so many activities outside like exercising and even cooking. The weather definitely lifted everyone’s spirits and made me more outgoing. Also not having to carry around several jackets/jumpers all the time was ideal!

Cape Town is such a diverse area with so many people of different nationalities and languages there really was no norm. South Africa and Africa in general has resisted being overly influenced by the West, something I think is hugely important. South Africa is a country that plays host to so many cultures and different types of living and while these cultures vary one thing I would say people have in common is the how highly they rank community spirit. South Africans live through one another, they value their community above all other things and being able to live in such atmosphere was fantastic. Sometime I feel here in Scotland it’s very easy to get caught up in an individualistic and self-focused lifestyle. While being successful is something that undoubtedly is important, I value now even more the support of the people in my life.

While I miss Cape Town I am also very pleased to be back with my loved ones and surrounded by people with similarities to myself. I missed Scottish people, their banter and chat. I often felt that my jokes were lost on many folk and also missed the flow of conversation that I would have with people back home. I soon realised that my usual classic chat up lines were lost on guys who weren’t Scottish! My 3rd year abroad went better than I could ever imagined, now I’m back in Glasgow and going into fourth year I feel a new chapter has started. I now need to start making decisions about what I want to do next which is something I currently have no clue about. I aim to get back to Cape Town one day because as you have probably guessed from my blogs it’s an outstanding place.  I plan to take everything I’ve learned from my year abroad and maybe one day I will be back in the motherland. So that’s all from me, hope these blogs have been enjoyable and helpful. Until next time folks…Hamba kakuhle, totsiens, cheers!




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