How to find work during your Erasmus in Bologna

Bologna is probably the best city to spend your 20160415_194637Erasmus in not only because it’s very international and diverse but also because it’s one of the richest cities in the region Emiglia-Romagna in economic terms. Now I’m telling you from experience that your Erasmus scholarship, as beautiful as it seem in the beginning, its 100% sure that it won’t last till the end of your stay.

As an independent girl in the beginning of the second semester I decided that I’ll find a part time job to earn some extra cash and help most of all my parents out. Easier said than done… Writing a CV in a language I don’t know turned out to be quite the challenge. To find work in bologna with English is not that hard considering that it is a touristic city and speaking English is a plus, so I used that as my advantage. The only problem was writing my CV in Italian to get a job in the first place. However once you sit down to do it you realize it’s not that big of a deal:

  • For the personal profile I wrote a few simple sentences just to say where I’m from, what do I study and etc, and I put a small passport photo next to it.
  • Second , I just wrote some of the things I’ve done, which in my case was some waitressing I did in Glasgow the previous summer.
  • Third, I wrote my languages!
  • And lastly I put a niiice professionally taken picture of me from my prom. Done!

I didn’t get much luck with my online applications and my boyfriend convinced me that I should go and distribute my CVs personally…What a terrifying thing to do! But with his incredible support I got the courage and I started distributing. After a while I entered in this fancy restaurant more by chance if anything else. The manager happened to be there and I introduced myself and shook his hand and he asked me if I’m willing to do catering, I said of course and I left. Ten minutes later he was calling me to tell me that I start the next week.


The restaurant I used to work in.

Easy as that, I had the best job in the world-going to different evens and arraigning buffets with amazing food and wine, which is a dream job for me. I got to see some very cool places, try some amazing dishes and be around the elite of Bologna.


Royal Hotel Carlton where I used to work as well.

Anyway, in Bologna there is a lot more to do than just waitressing, if that doesn’t work for you. There is plenty of work for Erasmus students, especially for native English speakers, such as au pair, nanny, animator, especially at the seaside, and of course work in hotels, where people with good English are always wanted. The good thing about those kind of jobs is that they can easily fit your schedule and you can do them during your studies with no problem.


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