Settling into life at Macquarie University

G’day! Okay so in all seriousness, I’m yet to meet an Aussie who says that to greet people, but I still think it’s kind of cool. I’ve been in Sydney for a month now, and I’m very much in the swing of university life. Assessment is a lot more coursework based here for History and English Lit than Glasgow, so I have pretty consistent deadlines throughout the semester to keep me busy. That being said, I’ve also had time to adjust to everyday life here in Australia, and I’m loving it.

I thought I’d talk a bit in this blog about Macquarie University, as most people I’ve spoken to, even Australians, have a similar reaction when I tell them that that’s where I study: “Macquarie? Where’s that?” You can be forgiven for not being aware of its existence, as it’s about 18 kilometres north of the CBD (Central Business District), so not as close to the city as other universities are. Some people might think that’s a hassle, but it’s so easy and cheap to travel around on public transport here. Mac is also the only university in Australia to have its own train station, winning! I’ll talk more about accommodation at a later date but I’d thought you’d like to know that as an exchange student, you’re entitled to a 50% concession on trains, buses, ferries and the light rail, which is unbelievably good value. I must say though, that the biggest bonus of commuting to uni is being able to cross the Harbour Bridge every day.


I get to pass the Opera House every time I go to uni, unbelievable

So, where do I begin with what makes MQ such a brilliant place to study? The campus is in the middle of a park, so while you’re not far from urban life, you’re also surrounded by beautiful greenery, which provides the possibility of studying outside. Orientation was a great way to meet not just other international students but also domestic ones, as well as to eat SO MUCH free food. The campus is like a mini community, with shops, a bar, a food court, banks, a GP and much more available for students to use. It is such a friendly uni, and I’m so glad that I get this opportunity to share what life is like here with you, as when I first applied for study abroad, I wasn’t able to found out much about Macquarie.


Dulcie and I were loving life with our free hot dogs

I’ve hit the ground running in terms of assignments, and it’s allowed me to settle into a routine which includes regularly doing my reading by this stunning lake, so it’s not all work and no play.

macquarie lake.jpg

The lake is right by the student hub, what a view

I realise that this is a very university-heavy blog, but it’s where most of my life is spent at the moment. As you can see, it’s not a bad place to be at all, but as we can all agree, essays can get pretty tedious. That’s why, with the mid-semester break fast approaching, I’m stoked to explore some areas further afield in New South Wales, and hopefully that will give me lots to tell you about.

If you have any questions specifically about life at Macquarie or Sydney in general, feel free to contact me on Facebook or email me at

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