Ladies Guide to Hong Kong

Hey, girls!

From lady to lady, I will pass on a couple of cool suggestions that can make your life in Hong Kong purely fabulous! You are going to live in the New York of Asia, so embrace everything your cosmopolitan life has to offer! Trust me, there is a whooooole lot!

Empower Yourself and Stay Fit!
This is probably the most exciting fitness related thing out there! And I am very disappointed that I only discovered it a month before I left Hong Kong! Basically, the so called Guava Pass, allows you to sign up for any classes from hundreds of studios all over Hong Kong– from modern ballet to martial arts and so many more! Tips: ask around on the HKU Exchange page, or message me, to find someone who is already signed up with Guava. They can recommend you (and get a 50% discount themselves in return!) and you will have the access to a full month of classes for a little over 500HKD. Isn’t that a bargain!!


Manicure, pedicure and perfect brows!

Took me a while to find a good place for nails, but once I did – I kept coming back!image My favorite is shellac nail polish, because it gives you flawless nails for over a month! Freedas at Central (124 Caine Road, take bus M40 from HKU) is an affordable and cozy place right in the heart of Hong Kong.
They are great at waxing, nails and brows! For only 20HKD you get perfect eyebrow threading! Ask for Jess if you are doing your nails – she is great! While you can often do your brows drop-in, you have to book an appointment for nails as they are super busy! Don’t forget to tip for great service!


Detox with Hot Yoga
Ok, I may be biased because hot yoga is my addiction, but I have never had such an attentive and great teacher as Adam Weirick! These pay as you go classes (suggested contribution 100-150 per class) brighten your spirit, destress you from all that studying and make you feel refreshed! imageAdam always makes sure his students do all the postures correctly and he provides great personal feedback! Sometimes he hold Yoga+BBQ nights at the rooftop of his house in Lamma Island! You’ll be a yoga addict in no time! There are normal classes as well, in case hot yoga doesn’t rock your boat!


Drinks are on Hong Kong!
Dear ladies, Hong Kong has prepared nights just for you, to celebrate how fabulous you are! Head to WanChai on a Wednesday and find tons of exchange students at Typhoon. Get to know new people and have a drink! Free mixers 10pm until midnight.

Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong!

message me if you have any questions!

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