End of Erasmus-my sloppy reflections about an amazing year

So here I’m already writing this blog form my hometown Sofia.  The last two months in Italy have been a blast. I managed to work, to party, to travel and to get some of that deserved rest. When my exams finished in June, I wasn’t in a hurry to leave Italy just yet, but that meant going through the bitter experience of seeing all of my friends leave Bologna: Anna left in the end of  June, then- my flat mate (Fernando)-the awesome Portuguese Erasmus that used to fill our house with joy, then my other 2 awesome female flat mates, one of which I even  got to see graduate.

In August the city was already empty, most of the shops and bars closed for vacation. At some point it was just me, my boyfriend, all of the German tourists and a bunch local kids playing Pokémon Go in the squares every night.

I knew that leaving would be tough but you are never truly prepared for something until it actually hits you. I left my heart in Bologna and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to study there. It was a truly remarkable experience filled with lifelong lessons and memories that I will treasure forever. This year has proven to be one of the toughest challenges I had faced in my life so far, but now I feel more determined than ever that I can overcome anything.

In just one year I managed to find the most amazing flatmates to live with, I learned another language that I couldn’t speak before; I passed all 7 of my exams in that language; I met the love of my life; I found an amazing friend in the face of Anna, I found a part-time job during my Erasmus doing catering and I got to eat in some of the finest restaurants in Bologna. Naturally there are a ton of things I didn’t manage to do and there are many places I didn’t have time to visit. However this has been only the beginning of my adventures in Italy, I am convinced of it. And to answer the question that everyone asks me: will I go back? I answer: Oh, yeah, definitely! Bologna is where my heart is.20160806_031843-effects


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