For the last time

As June arrived after spending nearly a year in Cape Town my last few weeks were approaching. I had got so used to living in Cape Town  that the thought of leaving was surreal. As I started to pack up the life I had made for myself I started to think what I wanted to spend my last few weeks doing. Despite still having course work to finish I made the most of my last moments in Cape Town.2016-06-12-15-02-27

Surprisingly enough one thing I hadn’t done during my time abroad was watch live the South African rugby team play a match on home ground. South Africans are mad about their rugby and I had been encouraged by so many to go see the national team play. Luckily enough at the start of June South Africa got to play Ireland at Newlands which was right on my doorstep. Despite South Africa losing there was a great atmosphere at the game which made for a fantastic day!

rugby game

Cape Town is located about 30 mins from Stellenbosch and the Winelands which was one of my favourite places throughout the year to visit. It is where the countryside begins and vast amounts vineyards lie. It provides for the most beautiful views and was great for wine tasting. On my last visit a group of us decided to try out the Spice Route. Located in rolling hills of Paarl, this was one of my favourite places. We spent the day tasting beer, chocolate, and biltong and of course wine in the most beautiful and relaxed setting.


Because I had become so integrated to life in Cape Town, by the end of my year I had already done so many fantastic things. It really had become somewhere  I called home. My last few weeks were bitter sweet but I spent them embracing everything I loved about Cape Town, such as going to the beach, playing golf, and of course drinking too much wine. In Cape town I found the perfect mix in a place that inspired me to work hard at university and one that taught me a lot, but also somewhere that had my ideal lifestyle right on its doorstep!


spice route 1

View on the Spice Route



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