Travelling in Italy

I realize I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. The main function on this travel blog was to share my experiences and thoughts (if I’m capable of them) during my travels… and I have been neglecting that. Truth be told it is only this year that I started traveling around Italy and started to get a better impression of places and the people. I still haven’t been to a lot of cities but I think I have some kind of idea of how things work around here even though Italians never sees to amaze me (in both positive and negative way).

Anyway, now that the second semester is nearly over its time to evaluate some of the things that happened. Now, my stay here is not over yet! I’ll be staying here all summer, for as long as possible and I’ll be keeping you posted of my adventures. So this is not the “oooh my Erasmus year is over blog”, not just yet!

Now, traveling is no easy thing. If you’re a normal person you would agree with me. As an international student, you can imagine that I lack financial stability or in other words-I am rather poor. And when you’re poor trips become an exhausting nightmare because you try to squeeze all of the activities in a very limited amount of time. Here are the twisted impressions of some of my trips:


So I just came back from a 3 day trip to Rome and all the impressions, memories and horrors of that trip are still very fresh.

Me and my faithful companion Anna decided one day to go on this organized archeological trip to Rome because we wanted to deepen or knowledge of Roman history, but mostly because we didn’t want to organize it by ourselves. The trip consisted of 3 days walking around Rome, visiting museums and important archeological sites and 2 nights in a 4 star hotel. That sounded all very neat and lovely up until the point we actually had to do it. It was all above exhausting, and most of the time highly tedious and I realize now my mistake of going on a such a trip but I’ll do my best to try and abstract myself from that and give you an impression of what to expect from Rome if you’ve never been, or if you have, well, to tell you my story so that you can laugh at me and tell me how to improve.


The difference between Rome and most Italian cities is that its god damn big. Maybe it’s just me, having stayed in Bologna for so long that I’ve lost my sense for size and distances, but Rome defiantly impresses with its dimensions, its enormous monuments and buildings. I don’t know how to explain it. You just feel that you’re in an ancient city. You are surrounded with so much history that you feel like your head is going to explode because you can’t comprehend it all. Having spent almost a whole day at the Roman Forum (and, no, I didn’t get into the Colosseum…) I have to say, I have never felt so insignificant and amazed, and sad, and excited, and curious, and nostalgic, and confused and hungry at the same time.

However, I think what disappointed me the most was the ridiculous amount of tourist, the kilometric (and I’m not exaggerating) queues in front of the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Colosseum…full of people gust going crazy, overpriced restaurants and Marocchini trying to sell you stuff. Those are all normal thing that you find in a touristic city like this, the only difference is that it’s on a much bigger scale and that is what left an impression on me. Will I go back in Rome? Yes, I believe I will, but not to look at anymore touristic sights that’s for sure.


Naples is a place that left a really strong impression on me. I haven’t travelled that much around the world to be able to say that there is no place like it; but its charm stoke me deeply and I would like to visit it again someday. I can only try and describe the chaos but words can hardly be enough. It is one of those places that you either love or hate. A collision between ancient and new, a mix between colonies and languages, a hybrid between Europe and Africa-Naples is a city of many layers and has an atmosphere like no other city in Italy. Me and Anna went in Naples for 4 days, again on an organized trip (spontaneous adventures are for losers and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) that included also trips to Sorrento, Pompey and Caprí, which are very close by.

In the moment we arrived in Naples I told to Anna: “Anna, here we eat!”, and omg did we eat…: real pizza, fried fresh fish, arancini, sfogliatelle, gelato, babá, real mozzarellaaaaaa! And everything in amazingly cheap prices (3 euro for a pizza!!!).


Everything you need you can find in the city center, which is also the oldest part in the city. Like everyone else we also took pictures of people’s laundry in the name of art and we visited the most important sights. Special thanks to Erasmusland Bologna for organizing the awesome trip!

La Riviera Romagnola:

It goes without saying that if you’re studying in Bologna (or even if you don’t), at least once you should go to Rimini! The pearl of the Adriatic-the most exaggerated party place around these parts: a cost that goes for miles with music and places to dance all over it. It is every students’ dream- with music and parties of all sorts and for all tastes.

Here you can also find one of the biggest waterparks in Italy: Mirabilandia, and the clubs on the beach in Riccione will leave you always asking for more. You will spend so much money going to the Riviera Romagnola but trust me- it’s worth it! The amount of things to do is endless, the fun is guaranteed, and the food is not that bad either. Rimini never sleeps and everything is opened practically all night so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. The night busses can take you to any part of the coast in no time even in the small hours.


With the bae at the Notte rosa in Rimini ❤

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