So what the hell happens now?

This was a recent headline from The Daily Mirror and while it sums up the majority of the British populations political thoughts in the last two weeks, it also perfectly describes how I feel personally upon my return to Scotland.

After many sad farewells, I had to say goodbye and thank you to Sydney. Goodbye for just now and thank you for giving me the most wonderful year away from home!

It’s hard to explain how attached you can get to a place and people and while I have no regrets and feel like I did as much as I could have set out to do and achieve, a year just isn’t enough! The whole year, and particularly this last semester, has gone by so so fast and it’s so surreal that it’s over. The only advice I can give is to make the most of the year, especially if you are on exchange internationally. You have your whole life to work and make money so being able to spend your year abroad focussed on experiences and really doing things you enjoy (balanced with studying!) is the best way to go about it.

In my next and final blog I’ll write down some more practical tips and recommendations but for now I think the best way to sum up is to leave you with this video I made throughout the year – this year is hard to put into words and so this is a slightly better attempt… although still doesn’t quite do it justice!

Enjoy xx


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