5 Top Places to Study – Granada

Picture this: a sorry looking student on her year abroad in the beautiful city of Granada, sitting over a desk in a dark room trying to finish her course work when all she can hear is the birds signing and the laughter of people outside as they soak up the sun. It’s a sad image, I know. All she wants is to be able to enjoy the good weather before she returns home and make the most of living in such a great city but doesn’t want the guilt of not studying. There must be a way to combine the two!

There are days when I feel like studying inside in the comfort of my flat in silence are the perfect conditions to be a productive studier. However, there are days when I am so restless sitting inside when I know that the sun is shining outside that the word productive is meaningless. Also, when the exam period arrives I need a change of scenery from time to time other than staring at the corner of my room for a good couple of hours; so here are some of the best places to study outside in Granada when your flat starts to feel like a prison.


Café Baraka

Situated close to the Law Faculty, this café is my favourite spot to study out of the flat but it’s also the perfect place for lunch and meeting with friends. You will frequently see students studying alone or in groups here so you don’t feel out of place and the Wi-Fi is usually fast so there are very few times when you feel like flipping the table in frustration. It has an open/outside area with fans, which is probably the only place that you can find a cooling breeze in Granada in the summer months. It also has an inside area as well which is air conditioned (not a lot of places are) and has a very relaxed atmosphere which provides optimum productivity. I must mention the radio station that they play as well: a Spanish 80’s music station that really sustains motivation. They also have it on at a reasonable volume so you don’t feel the urge to start dancing like you’re in a club.




Not only is it good for Wi-Fi but it also has a good range of very tasty food at very affordable prices. They offer fruit smoothies with whichever fruit that you desire for 2 euros, tostadas, waffles, crepes, sandwiches (I recommend the club sandwich), and a breakfast menu including eggs benedict. Coffee is only €1.20 so you don’t need a lot of money to keep your seat.







The waiters are really nice and it’s also a dog friendly place so it’s the ultimate stress free, feel good hide out. 10 stars to Baraka.



Translation and Interpretation Faculty

The faculty obviously has good Wi-Fi, which makes it an excellent place to study. The main study area is in the basement which isn’t as pleasing to the eye as Baraka but there are silent areas to work individually and rooms to do group work which is very handy. You’re not obliged to buy any food or feel like you have to give up your seat like you would in a café. However, this area isn’t huge and it can get a bit depressing sitting in a basement with no natural light.


That’s why I think the courtyard in the centre of the building is another perfect spot to study. Not only do you have access to the Wi-Fi, you can sit outside surrounded by the beautiful building and plants in the sun or in the shade.  Again, this area is not huge and there are not a lot of tables and chairs but you might as well check if there is a space available because it is a very relaxing area.



The Law Faculty

Even though there is not a café in the Translation Faculty, there is one in the Law Faculty, which is about a five-minute walk from away. Again, there is good Wi-Fi here and being surrounded by students helps you to get your head down and get to work instead of gazing at a group of friends on holiday drinking beer in the middle of the day, having a great time without a care in the world.


If you find that there are not any free seats in this café you can always sit at the café just outside the Law Faculty called The Corner in Plaza Universidad. It’s more of a bar than a café if you know what I mean, but it has it’s own free Wi-Fi and tasty tapas including mini pizzas and let’s be honest, it’s always nice to have a bevy when studying. The inside of the café has a nice modern and clean interior and it also has outside seating in the square so your 30 minute break from studying can be sat people watching.



4 Gatos

Now this café is not situated in the centre of the city but if you feel like venturing out a bit to get a completely different change of scenery then this is the place to go. Situated in the in the Albaicin, this cute little café attracts locals, tourists, and students to enjoy the typically Spanish surroundings. There is a limited amount of space here too but there is an indoor and outdoor area so it’s nice to have the option if it gets too hot.  They have a great tapas menu and gluten free options with prices ranging from 2 to 6 euros. There are also jazz nights held here so a late study session could turn into drinks with friends.



Hopefully this brief guide will help you find the perfect studying spot when being in your flat for days on end becomes too much to handle. Cheap, sunny and packed with students: Granada really is the best place to study.



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