What I’ll miss most about Perth…

So last week I handed in my last EVER piece of coursework at UWA and today I came back from a week in Bali – you really can’t beat that feeling of being finished, especially when you follow it up with a trip to somewhere like Bali (which was incredible and will be the topic of my next blog). Anyway, it’s such a strange feeling being finished and I don’t think it’ll quite sink in until I get home. Even though I have been home sick at points I think that having so much to do/look forward to doesn’t give you much time to dwell on things.

I won’t actually be leaving Perth until the 3rd of July and we’ll be making our way home via Hong Kong and Dubai to break up the trip a bit (on the way over here we flew straight and it was a bit draining). If anyone happens to be in Perth before then feel free to get in touch! I’ll be meeting up with a Glasgow uni friend over here for a week before he heads to Queensland to start his own year abroad.

My second semester in Perth definitely had a different feel to it than the first, obviously everything is a bit less new/exciting but at the same time that feeling of familiarity can be quite nice. Like last year there was always plenty happening on campus and definitely don’t miss O-day Festival, which is usually the Friday before semester 1 starts. The workload can be quite heavy at times, especially as you’ll be taking four units per semester – my advice would be to make the most of socialising during the first half of the semester as you’ll most likely be too busy to do much except from uni work the second half! Definitely doesn’t help when your laptop keyboard decides to stop working the same week you have three essays due (luckily I was able to buy an external keyboard for a reasonable price in UWA’s tech shop).

As my time in Perth comes to an end I thought this blog would be a good chance to reflect on some of the things I’ll miss most about Perth, but also why I’m looking forward to going back to Glasgow…

What I’ll miss most about Perth & UWA –

  • Coffee – There is definitely a bit of a coffee culture here in Perth and UWA has at least four coffee outlets I can think of and they all serve up amazing coffee at a really decent price. Anyone student who signs up for Guild membership (which is free) get’s about 33% off Coffee around campus and if you drink as much coffee as I do you’ll definitely want to get yourself Guild membership. In terms of coffee I would 100% recommend the flat white (which seems to be quite popular here).
  • The weather / being able to actually do stuff outdoors – If you like warm weather you’ll love Perth, that’s obvious – we’re talking weeks of 40-degree weather in January. It does get quite cold and rainy in the winter though (which can actually be a nice change and pleasant reminder of home). Would definitely suggest packing a heavy jacket. I brought a North Face jacket over with me and never thought I’d wear it but have been quite a lot over the last month or so.
  • Perth’s sights – Like the other week I was on the bus on my way into uni and saw dolphins swimming on the Swan River. Also, you know how every now and again we might see an amazing red sky as the sunsets in Glasgow? Well during the autumn in Perth these are a daily occurrence! I also quite enjoy seeing the CBD lit up at night as I make my way home from Uni.

    Dolphin on the Swan


    Sunset in Subiaco


    Taken just outside UWA

  • The UWA campus – this may be what I miss most about Perth actually. The campus is just something else, which I’m sure you’ll realise as soon as you get here. My favourite thing about the campus is probably its huge trees and amazing green spaces, where you can lounge and soak up the Perth sun in-between classes or during a study break.

    A perfect spot to relax in front of UWA’s main library


    Cottesloe beach project onto Winthrop Hall, UWA. 

  • The people – Even though I’m looking forward to seeing some friendly faces back home, I’ll definitely miss the people I’ve encountered here in Perth. Australia is an extremely diverse country which means you get to meet people from all over the world on a daily basis – particularly in Uni. Obviously this is one of the reasons why people want to do study abroad and nothing beats being able to make friends from all over the globe and learn about their background – this also makes your future travel possibilities a lot more exciting/easier.

What I’m most looking forward to about going home: 

  • Proper chips from a proper chippy – sorry Perth but your fish and chip shops are not up to much at all (although I’d say your best bet for finding a good chippy is probably the suburbs of Fremantle and Cottesloe).
  • Being able to walk between places again. Not that I’ve lost the use of my legs here but everything in Perth is well spaced out and you’ll usually rely on a bus/train/uber to get about.
  • Being able to have a night out between Sunday-Wednesday. Spontaneous nights out in Perth are definitely not as easy as they are in Glasgow and there aren’t many options from Sunday-Wednesday. Some bars here don’t even open on Sundays/Mondays/Tuesdays and the rest that do shut at like 10pm (maybe expect from some places in the centre of Perth – again Lucky Chan’s probably being your most reliable).
  • Not having to worry about people not understanding me (hopefully). Seriously, I’ve went for drinks with class mates after final tutorials and they’ve told me that they’ve had no idea what I’ve been saying for like the last 12 weeks. Telling people I study ‘history’ usually takes me 3-4 tries as well.
  • The people – After spending a year away from home I’m obviously excited about going back, catching up with friends and family and telling them all about my experience here in Perth. I’ve definitely missed hearing the Scottish accent and at times felt a bit out of the loop with everyone back home having different semester dates/summer time.

As always, feel free to message me as you do your last minute prep for coming over here and if you’re here before the 3rd of July then definitely give me a shout. Cheers for reading and look out for my next one, which I’ll post just before leaving Perth!


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