Prague! And finding romance abroad

Hello again! After the 3rd quarter finished, we had some free time away from books and exams for the Spring Break holiday. For this a friend and I took a trip to the famous city of Prague in the Czech Republic, and it proved to be an excellent choice. I had plenty of time to ponder what we could do there on the 15-HOUR BUS from Nijmegen. Aaaand plenty of time to thing about this post on the 22-hour journey back! Before living on the continent I hadn’t fully appreciated how cheap and simple it is to travel around once you’re there. (Seriously though, Flixbus may be rough on your posture but it’s very kind to your wallet).

I quickly realised that, as a history student, Prague was pretty much like my version of Disneyland. It’s one of those cities that practically live and breathe history, much like Berlin. There were a number of highlights, though Terri from New Prague Tours deserves a shoutout for her excellent run-through of the city’s main landmarks such as Charles Bridge, and an engaging guide through Prague’s history from the Early Medieval era up until the collapse of Communism in 1991. If history bores you, here’s a photo of me riding my steed into battle just outside Prague’s Old Town :


I wanted to dedicate this post to something that I haven’t really discussed before: romance abroad. No doubt when applying you’ve heard about the ‘1,000,000 Erasmus babies’. Since 1987 Erasmus has been responsible for the birth of 1,000,000 babies, and around 27% of participants find their long term partner abroad. We are living in the first real generation of Europeans, in a sense. Others are calling it a sexual revolution of sorts. This phenomenon has at the heart of it the main objective of the Erasmus scheme, to further connect the continent as it never has been before. See here: Erasmus Impact Study

With that plug out of the way, allow me to share my own personal anecdote. I hadn’t even considered finding someone whilst I was here, but I suppose that you can’t really plan these things in advance, can you? But I did. Way back last semester I met a special someone from Latvia who was also studying in Nijmegen. She finished her exchange in January and went home to Latvia but we have kept in close contact ever since. The reason I mention this is because this is why I was in Prague! We planned it for a while and both took similarly agonisingly long bus rides from different sides of the continent to meet. Ain’t that sweet?


Boats are fun!

With that cheesiness out of the way, I’ll get to the point. This experience has made me realise just how easily one can travel throughout the continent in this age, whether for study, fun or romance. It’s something that I hadn’t really appreciated before but now I will carry it with me permanently. Of course, this is all much easier and more enjoyable if you study abroad! Overall I headed back to Nijmegen pretty uplifted, though ready to plunge into the exam season.

I’m almost finished with them, but this also leads me on to the sad part: I’m leaving Nijmegen in two weeks! 😦 I’ll save my full thoughts on this for my next post, and boy oh boy I have a lot to say. After that I’ll spend the summer keeping this blog up to date with advice on preparing to go abroad, tips on things to see and do when you go and defo a few top tens. Before that though, I leave you with this expression of my supreme majestic figure helplessly flailing around in a big ball. Goedenacht!



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