What to pack


This is simple blog with a simple message: DO NOT OVERPACK!

Everyone has a tendency to over pack, some being worse than others but talking from experience less is more in this situation. I left Scotland with two suitcases, half the clothes I brought with me I never wear. If you don’t wear it at home don’t bring it because there is even less chance you will wear it abroad.

Also I stocked up on half of boots before I left for South Africa which was a big mistake because I came here and realised I can get all make up/tan/locations/medications that I used at home here and actually for cheaper. If South Africa has all these things then I guarantee most other exchange places will have them too!

Try and be realistic with your packing for me I turned up to South Africa in July (the middle of winter) with my best summer gear ready to go. I soon got a fright when I spent the first month freezing. Even South Africa isn’t sunny all the time so try be real with the weather forecast.

Also you will end up buying so many things while you are abroad and you don’t want to be left like me currently trying to fit everything into a few suitcases. Don’t worry about bringing all your home comforts, just a few will do because you will very quickly settle into a new routine. I am now having to go through all my stuff and choose what to leave behind, so even though thinking about coming home seems crazy before you have left Glasgow, it’s worth a thought. Also general travel tip always take your phone charger in your hand luggage, you never know when you’re going to get stranded for hours in a random airport!

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