Glad syttende mai!

Just when I thought I’d seen everything Norway has to offer, along came May 17th. This is effectively their version of the 4th of July, when everyone celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution. The day consists of weird and wonderful parades, a LOT of alcohol, and Bunads galore.


(These were all forced smiles after everyone found out what really goes into black pudding)

Of course, we had to contribute a wee bit of Scottish influence to the celebration, so we started the day with a full fry up, all the way from Neilston, which surprisingly turned out to be a success amongst our multinational flatmates, who are notoriously hard to please! Alcohol in hand, we set off for the parade, and spent a few hours watching motocross riders, jazz bands, and dental hygiene themed floats alike travel by. By the time the Bergen Scottish Society passed, we were sufficiently frozen stiff, and didn’t feel so far from home after all.



The Bunad – Norway’s national dress – honoured in Bergen street art



After a three-hour afternoon nap (and a second fry up to combat our premature hangovers), we were ready to head out again, this time to see the fireworks display in town. If there’s one thing I learned about Norwegians, it’s that they could probably drink us under the table any day of the week: even the law school was handing out free beers – seriously, take note, Glasgow.


Three Scots, two Norwegians, one Dutch, an American, a German, an Austrian and an Indian take on Bergen, sounding like the start of a bad joke

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Ha det!

Selena x


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