Staying motivated in Glasgow

Hello everyone hope life’s treating you well the days have been flying by here in CT and an update is well overdue. I’m very jealous of everyone in Glasgow who has finished lectures already, but for those about to sit exams with provisional places to go abroad this blog goes out to you because being able to go abroad is worth the hard work!

To keep you motivated during exams here are some of the best things that you can expect when studying abroad.The friends I’ve met at Glasgow are definitely some of the best people around and I cannot wait to be reunited with them, however moving abroad has allowed me to make friendships with so many people which is really cool. Not only have I met so many South Africans but also people from all around the world, which if anything makes future travels much easier because I will always have a couch to crash on!

friends 1friends 2

After two years at Glasgow I had definitely built up resentment towards the place and had become completely unmotivated. The Boyd Orr building had become too much of a familiar site and moving to Cape Town gave me a new, fresh, and exciting environment. Even though starting at a new university is intimidating new lecturers and different classes will really enhance your education. Since being at CT I’ve had the opportunity to study several fascinating topics and have actually found law that is interesting! Also a new uni naturally comes with a lot of new drinking places to try!

Also one of the things that makes studying abroad so attractive is the fun activities that you can get up to, but only when you don’t have class of course…! Before I moved to Cape Town I always remember seeing people abroad and thinking they must be having a ball being able to do so many interesting things. While a third year abroad is just as academically challenging as it would be at home, if not actually more so, I’ve found that things to do here are generally better than sitting watching TV

big hippoooo

this big hippo made the  questionable boat i was floating along in a real concern

while the rain is hammering down outside. Outside of class I am 15 mins away from beaches in one direction, surrounded by wine farms in another, and can pretty much get involved in any outdoor activity. I have also been able to do more extreme things that I would never have done before such as hike a mountain and yes for me this was extreme because I can’t say I’m a fan of hiking. I’ve walked and got very up close and personal with elephants, as well as seeing many other incredible animals. Some of my most memorable moments have been up sand dunes, across the Sahara desert and travelling down the Okavango Delta in a very questionable boat like structure. However, the most out there and probably also most idiotic thing I’ve done was hang off Victoria Falls (a really big waterfall)!

desert 1

sahara desert


Looking back to this time last year I was so excited about going abroad but could never have imagined  doing half the things that I have done. So my advice is when you are stuck in the library freezing cold, bored and totally unmotivated just remember that you now have a place to study abroad and that upcoming experience is well worth the pain of last minute cramming that’s required now! Good luck!

vic falls cover

Victoria Falls


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