Wining & Dining in WA!

I’m guessing that by now everyone back home has accepted their place and begun their prep for coming over, hope it’s all going well! I’ve only just realised (and can’t quite believe) that it’ll be roughly three months until everyone starts coming over and about the same until I make my way back! I reckon this blog is a bit over due so apologies for that – been pretty swamped with uni work as of late!

Thought I’d write this one covering my favourite bars/café’s/restaurants in Perth which some of you will hopefully get round to checking out while you’re here!

Food and drink go hand in hand in Perth so it’s quite uncommon to find a bar that doesn’t offer food or at least let you BYO (a lot of restaurants will let you BYO beer/wine too) – all of the places on this list are great options for both eating and drinking. Decided to take a suburb-by-suburb approach so here goes!

Subiaco: My favourite bar in Subiaco has to be Double Double – the smallest small bar in Perth apparently; friendly staff, good booze selection and all round good vibe (great for coffee too, so I’ve heard). If Double Double doesn’t do it for you then check out the Subiaco Hotel or The Village bar (Village quiz night on Tuesday is always a safe shout). Plus all these bars are within 5 mins of each other so you can’t really go wrong in Subiaco.

Northbridge: So many places to choose from in Northbridge with James Street probably being Perth’s equivalent of Sauchiehall Street. When (not if) you find yourself in this area be sure to check out Mechanics Institute – another small bar really close to Perth station. Situated down a laneway just past the State Library, one of the best things about this place is its rooftop deck, great place to chill out and make your way through some of the best beer and wine Perth has to offer.

Next up in Northbridge I’d recommend Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar located on William Street. Pretty much a Perth institution this place is probably my go to when all else fails. Chan’s has three levels, a great food menu, cocktail selection and extensive Japanese whisky selection– check out the top level for a nice view of the CBD! If you’re feeling as lucky as Chan try and finish their “Godzilla” bowl of ramen – if you do you’ll have a Polaroid of yourself pegged onto the ceiling of the bottom floor, eat responsibly!


Chan’s Ramen (Non-Zilla size)

If you find yourself peckish in Northbridge get yourself along to Perth’s Chinatown on Roe street, with some places open well past midnight you’ll more than likely find yourself making a stop here after a night about town!

Wembley: The Stanley – you’re not likely to come across this one in the “best of” Perth lists but its one the first places I’d take anyone visiting Perth so don’t miss it! Clearly furnished with purchases from the antique shop next door this place is best described as quirky yet cozy – also equipped with a great little outdoor area for those warm Perth afternoons/evenings. Situated right next door is Flipside Burger – these guys are more than happy to deliver your order straight to your seat in the pub so take advantage of that!


Burger & Beer @ The Stanley

Also in Wembley is The ‘Pear’fect Pantry – this basically makes the list for constantly having a cabinet full of some of the tastiest comfort vegan food in Perth – if that’s your thing then look no further than here! Seriously, check out their Instagram @

Leederville: A walk down Oxford Street in is an absolute must for anyone coming to Perth, pretty much anywhere on this street is worth a go I reckon but speaking from experience I’d recommend Little Caesars Pizzeria for dinner followed by Blue Flamingo for drinks. Located down a laneway off Oxford, the Blue Flamingo is “inspired by an idyllic combination of California, Cuba, the Caribbean and hints of South America”: if that doesn’t sell it to you then I don’t know what will!


Overwhelmingly good pizza @ Little Caesars

Scarborough: The Shorehouse – Seeing as my flatmate manages the bar I couldn’t leave it off the list – but besides from that fact its definitely worth a visit, the view from the deck of the Shorehouse is second to none – located right on the beach front you have a perfect vantage point from which to watch the sun disappear behind the Indian ocean! Pull up a chair and get stuck into the superb cocktail menu.


The Shorehouse – Beautiful or what?

Fremantle: Little Creatures – No trip to Perth would be complete without visiting the Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle. You can pretty much find Little Creatures beer right across Australia and I’ve actually come across their pale ale in Glasgow before. Book yourself in for a tour of the brewery and spend an afternoon sampling their extensive and well-crafted range of beers and ciders (my pick would have to be the Rogers amber ale)!

In Perth CBD alone there’s probably enough bars/restaurants to keep you going for the whole year but one I wouldn’t miss is Annalakshmi – situated on Barrack Street Jetty. This place operates under the unique concept of “eat what you like, pay what you feel”. They serve up some of the best vegetarian Indian food I’ve ever come across and needless to say I’ve been here a good few times. Again – another place to come for great views; sit at the far side of the restaurant and you’ll get a lovely view over the Swan River, sit on the near side and you can appreciate the Perth skyline while you get dine. After your meal have a wander around the recently inaugurated Elizabeth Quay – where you’re likely to come across different food markets (most recent being a nighttime noodle market) and events throughout the year (one I’ve been to was an RnB roller disco – which was ridiculously fun).


Lunch @ Annalakshimi


All you can eat, pay what you like!




For anyone based in student accommodation your local will most likely be the Captain Stirling or Varsity bar – both good shouts in my opinion! Last but not least; don’t forget to check out UWA’s equivalent of GUU – The Tavern, with student priced food and drink and a couple of pool tables you can’t go wrong.

As you’ll come to realise – alcohol is a bit more expensive in Perth than back home – offset this by taking advantage of happy hours (usually between 5-7) and acquaint yourself with any specials/promo nights you think you might fancy!

Be sure to follow, & These pages will keep you up to date with just about everything going on in Perth!

All the best to those of you about to sit exams and as always get in touch if you have any last minute questions/queries before you come and get to know this amazing city for yourself!



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