Spring Break is here!

Spring break is here! And we all know what that means: Paaaatry!..no not really…there is usually so much work to be done around spring break that you realize that is not really a break but nothing more than an excuse for professors and employers to give you more work.

That is usually how Easter break goes every year…unless you’re me and unless you’re on Erasmus in Italy:

So while I was wondering what to do with my time here is what happened:

After a long day of lectures..


Me and Anna would usually find a way to relax in the evening:


..and again


and again


And then this happened:



Me, Anna and Katy in Siena and Monteriggioni

and then this:


Me and Anna in Urbino, Toscana

Ah and remember when all of those students from GU that came to visit us that one time:


First-year students from GU coming to visit us in Bologna

and what about that time when the #1 fan of my blog came to visit me:


Me, Ellie and Shaz having an aperitivo in the city center

and then one day:


When Scotland comes to Bologna…

…to be continued..in part 2.



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