Winter Woolies

I kept asking people in Montréal what sort of coat I should buy and they would reply “a warm one”. No one seemed to be able to give me a brand name or point me in the direction of a good shop. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a coat such as a “Canada Goose” and trust me you don’t need to! In fact, people have spent $600 on a Canada Goose coat and they can’t even wear them as it is too warm some days (noting that this year has been a particularly mild winter and no one knows how the following years will be).

One day on a walk in the city, I came across a Chinese man selling ski jackets and winter coats in a shop and I asked him about 20 times if he was sure they would keep me warm and he said yes. He told me he would do me a good deal and so I paid £45 in total for a winter coat and a ski jacket. I was convinced I would have to buy another coat as they wouldn’t be good enough but they are fabulous. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on winter clothes here but you do need to be early and look in the right places. He sold out of coats like mine long before the snow came. I will be wearing these jackets for years to come!

I recommend waiting until you arrive in your new city before you buy winter clothing and coats as they will have the proper winter gear you need at a much lower price than you’d find in the likes of the UK. Obviously if you have suitable winter clothing or ski wear bring it with you.

I also have bought a ski jacket for $12 in second hand store in Montréal along with a pair of ice skates for $8. Absolute bargains!

Where money can be saved on winter jackets and sports gear, I recommend putting that money into a good pair of boots. I bought a good pair of thermal, waterproof boots which I hope will last me a few years in Glasgow too. These boots are great for when the streets are cleared of snow and for autumn and coming into spring. For those of us who are that bit more adventurous and can’t help but run through untouched snow (see example below) I recommend a pair of snow boots. These boots have been great for trips and activities in Québec, for example, snow tubing, dog sledding and also just walking through slushy Montréal streets. So it totally depends on how you’re going to spend your free time; if you plan on sitting in your room all winter (which I don’t recommend) then don’t but snow boots. You get the idea! Black Friday is a great time to purchase a pair of snow boots at a great price and I would also recommend checking out kids sizes if you have average – smaller feet. They tend to be much less expensive for the same quality. I have seen the same style boot $100 more expensive than the children’s version, and it is the exact same boot.


Me when I see snow, hence why I need snow boots.

Save your $$$ and put it into experiencing the amazing, endless, unforgettable, unique winter activities that a Canadian winter offers!

I haven’t added details of where the shops are actually located in Montréal as that is a bit boring, however, if you want to know where these shops are located drop me a message/email and I will happily point you in the correct direction.

Well done to everyone who has received their offer for study abroad, this is so exciting!

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any other questions you may happen to have. I’m always here to help.


Kelsie x

P.S. Here are a few photos from the past few weeks of winter.

2016-02-13 18.28.20

Just chilling at -30 degrees C. (Good example of what to wear in winter)

2016-02-21 14.54.23IMG_0034

IMG_5232 (1)

I’m in there somewhere.


Dogsledding in Québec.


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