Top 23 moments of my summer travels

I was extremely lucky to be able to travel for 7 weeks, visiting 12 airports, riding a bus 2,413.5 km, seeing 2 continents and exploring 15 different cities/towns. There’s no way I could even get close to beginning to describe everything I’ve seen and experienced but here’s my top 23 moments…

Sydney – Cairns – Magnetic Island – Airlie Beach/Whitsundays – 1770 – Fraser Island – Noosa – Surfer’s Paradise – Byron Bay – Sydney – Phuket – Phi Phi Island – Krabi – Chiang Mai – Laos – Vietnam – Hong Kong – Sydney

  1. Rode the longest outdoor escalator in the world in Hong Kong1

  2. Learnt how to cook local cuisine at a cookery school in Laos2

  3. Swam with sharks and turtles in the Great Barrier Reef3

  4. Visited the Karen Long Neck Tribe in Chiang Mai4

  5. Pretended to be Peter Andre’s mysterious girl at Millaa Millaa Falls5

  6. Ate foods I’d never considered trying before6

  7. Made friends from across the globe everywhere we visited7

  8. Slept in an amazing bungalow with a view of Phi Phi island8

  9. Feared for my life in a longboat during a storm9

  10. Also feared for my life trying to cross the road in Vietnam10

  11. Saw sights I thought only belonged on TV (James Bond Island, “The Beach”… unfortunately lacking Leonardo DiCaprio and Roger Moore)11

  12. Fell 15,000 feet out of a plane over the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest12

  13. Took a slow ride up the Mekong at sunset in Laos13

  14. Drank out of buckets on the beach while watching a fire show on Phi Phi Island14

  15. Jumped in the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever been to15

  16. Rode a motorbike alongside kangaroos in 177016

  17. Spent 3 days driving 4x4s and camping on the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island17

  18. Held a koala… and a crocodile, wombat and snake at Bungalow Bay Koala Village on Magnetic Island18

  19. Saw sharks swimming below where we were sleeping on The Atlantic Clipper19

  20. Canoed down the Everglades in Noosa20

  21. Spent Australia Day in Surfer’s Paradise21

  22. Brushed my teeth with the white sand on Whitehaven Beach22

  23. Swam in the beautiful fresh water Lake Makenzie on Fraser Island23

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