Farewells and welcomes

The past month has been one of pretty mixed emotions. As many people only study abroad for one semester, I said goodbye to several people who I had become very good friends with. Though I had known them for 5 months, it felt as though the orientation was only last week, and yet I felt that I had known these people forever! Talk about conflicting emotions, right?

I had just finished my exams at the end of January and so we all had a few days to relax and spend some time together before everyone left. My Australian friend Gerard was leaving so a few flatmates and I went to Rotterdam with him to say goodbye and reminisce. The mood was a bit sombre but we had a good time. It’s interesting how you can develop such close friendships with people you haven’t known for very long. It may be because we are all having that rollercoaster journey of study abroad together, sharing similar highs and lows.  I think that makes the friendships I’ve made here uniquely special. I’m happy to say that in the month since they left, we are all still in close communication and haven’t wasted any time in planning visits to see each other again. Really looking forward to going to all these places I’ve never been to to see them!

As soon as half of my flat (well, 7 of 16 people) had left, our new neighbours had moved in along with another 150 or so internationals for the second semester. Within a day we were all thick as thieves and did our best to help them settle. With the benefit of hindsight us one-year troops were able to help out and give advice that I certainly would have benefitted from way back in August! The university organised an orientation week for the new fish just as we had in the summer. Not gonna lie, the nostalgia was strong here. It was nice to see them all having that great experience we had ourselves 6 months ago.

Wasn’t before long until we got back into the uni routine (eat, lectures, eat, sleep, repeat) but there are still plenty of fun things to do to break the week up. Myself and a few other internationals went along to a pub quiz with the history society, after which they were very keen on us coming to more events with them (it’s cool to be international, apparently). The other week I took a train down to Utrecht to visit my old flatmate from Murano, Jim. He did a year at Glasgow and it was great to visit his town and hang out after 2 years of not seeing each other.

Jim and I looking pretty bewildered 


Till next time, Goedenacht!



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